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We ran Protest The Hero guitarist Tim MacMillar through Rockblot, our take on Hermann Rorschach's inkblot test. Get a peak inside Tim's mind with this funny video.
on Feb 08, 2016
Vocalist Michael Ciccia and drummer Matt HK of progressive metallers Mandroid Echostar help us to better understand their new full-length record, Coral Throne, out now via Distort Entertainment/Fontana North.
on Feb 04, 2016
Interview with renowned Canadian musician, Ian Fletcher Thornley, wherein we discuss music; namely how special it is and how it can have such a significant impact on both the fans and artists alike.
on Jan 29, 2016
Thankfully, for those people who believe in the curing powers of humour, we filmed METAL or NOT? with Josh Bradford and Paul Rousseau, guitarists for Canadian post-hardcore veterans, Silverstein (Rise Records and New Damage Records).
on Jan 26, 2016
Caught up with Victory Records metallers, Shattered Sun, and had a blast with vocalist Marcos Leal running through Rockblot, our take on the Rorschach inkblot test.
on Jan 25, 2016
Late in 2015, while at The Phoenix in Toronto, Canada, we caught up with Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metal act, Amaranthe. Ever-kind and welcoming, vocalist Elize Ryd and guitarist Olof Mörck chatted about the power of music.
on Jan 20, 2016
Check out our new METAL or NOT? segment with Ivar Bjørnson, guitarist and founding member of Nuclear Blast Records' Norwegian extreme metallers, Enslaved.
on Jan 19, 2016
Every wanted to better know Battlecross guitarist and co-founder Hiran Deraniyagala? We did! So ran through Rockblot with the Motor City-based, Metal Blade Records thrashers.
on Jan 14, 2016
On December 13th at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey, we caught up with Senses Fail vocalist James "Buddy" Nielsen who shared some thoughts on opening up about his sexuality and, how in doing so, it has also helped others.
on Jan 12, 2016
While at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Hall on Friday, November 20th, Rick Jackett, guitarist for iconic Canadian rockers, Finger Eleven, shared this Rock Heart moment.
on Jan 11, 2016
Supporting their new, Metal Blade Records release, Coma Ecliptic, Blake Richardson, drummer of the progressive metal act Between The Buried And Me, helped us to understand what is METAL or NOT?
on Jan 11, 2016
Pepper Keenan, vocalist and guitarist for metal legends Corrosion Of Conformity who recently signed with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, walked through #Rockblot, our unique take on the Rorschach inkblot test.
on Jan 09, 2016
In October 2015, supporting their new Peaceville Records album, Curious Volume, we caught up with legendary U.S. heavy/doom metal band, Pentagram. Bassist Greg Turley and drummer Pete Campbell afforded us a super-fun chat and ran through some of our Tourpedeod questions.
on Jan 07, 2016
Touring with their original lineup in support of the tenth anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album, Kezia, we caught up with guitarist and reigning Ontario, Canada beard champion, Tim MacMillar, to have some fun.
on Jan 06, 2016
We got psychological with Ivar Bjørnson, guitarist and founding member of Nuclear Blast Records' Norwegian extreme metallers, Enslaved, while the group was recently in Toronto, Canada.
on Dec 24, 2015
Super-chill and always down for some fun, we played METAL or NOT? with Philip Labonte, lead singer of the Razor & Tie metal band, All That Remains. Hockey, Shark Week, ice cream, tank tops, parkour... what is metal, what is not? Phil will tell ya!
on Dec 22, 2015
Ever wondered what it'd be like tour with Anthrax? Well, thanks to an interview with bassist Frank Bello, we've got a small sneak-peak of life on the road with the metal legends. Ahead of a recent UK show with Slayer, Bello was kind enough to get Tourpedoed by us... this is what he had to day!
on Dec 21, 2015
We're super-stoked on the music being produced by Austin, TX metal/noisecore quintet DSGNS (pronounced designs), so we asked the guys to be part of our New Noize segment. Get to know this band's noize!
on Dec 17, 2015
Ever wanted to know what makes Max Cavalera tick? Well, we ran Max through our Rockblot segment and, instead of discussing Archangel (Nuclear Blast), we got him to check out some inkblots and tell us what he saw!
on Dec 14, 2015
Touring North American with August Burns Red, in support of their Fearless Records debut, Blueprints, we had some fun filming METAL or NOT? with Wage War's guitarist/vocalist Cody Quistad and guitarist Seth Blake. We thinks you may have some chuckles!
on Dec 12, 2015


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