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Chicago pop-punk band Welcome to Jonestown has released the lyric video for new single, "Lazy" off of their new EP.
on Feb 20, 2018
Finnish progressive death metal supergroup, Barren Earth, have released the brand new single "Withdrawal".
on Feb 20, 2018
Fine Creatures have shared their new track "Settle Down" released via UK independent label XVII Music. Watch it here...
on Feb 20, 2018
Following the release of "Haunted By Design," Myles Kennedy has released the second single, "Devil On The Wall" from his debut solo record Year of the Tiger.
on Feb 19, 2018
Dutch melodic death metal band Purest of Pain has released a lyric video for "The Solipsist," sort of the title track from the band's debut record Solipsis.
on Feb 18, 2018
Paradise Lost have a lyric video for "So Much Is Lost (Remastered)" from the remastered version of their celebrated seventh record, Host.
on Feb 17, 2018
Milton Keynes, England-based rockers, Steve Winch & The Inception, have premiered their brand new "Nitroglycerin" lyric video.
on Feb 15, 2018
Progressive metal band Letters From The Colony have released another lyric video, this time for "Galax" from Vignette.
on Feb 12, 2018
Sacramento-based quintet Graveshadow has a new lyric video called "Widow and the Raven" from their sophomore album Ambition's Price.
on Feb 11, 2018
Epitaph Records surf punk band The Frights has a new lyric video out in honour of Valentine's Day, called "Valentine's Sux."
on Feb 10, 2018
Black metal originators Venom Inc, led by the legendary Mantas, the Demolition Man and Abaddon, have released a video for "War."
on Feb 09, 2018
Just recently Dimmu Borgir drummer Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski has formed a new band Dante and has released the lyric video for "Fathers Die Sunday."
on Feb 07, 2018
Sweden's Valhall are set to drop their sophomore gravewave album Grimoire via Artoffact Records and we're debuting the "Dead Waves" lyric video!
on Feb 06, 2018
The Homeless Gospel Choir have released a lyric video for the track "Don't Know" featuring guest vocals from Frank Turner. Check it out here...
on Feb 06, 2018
Old school death metallers, Memoriam have released a lyric video for "Bleed The Same" from their second album, The Silent Vigil.
on Feb 05, 2018
Anarchy Reigns are teasing their upcoming recording, First XI, via a stream of the new single "Hypocrisy".
on Feb 04, 2018
Toronto's Modern Space give a funny performance on their new lyric video "Just Quit".
on Feb 04, 2018
London's Drones have released a lyric ivdeo for "Inferno" from their latest album Exiled. The track keeps up with the group's knack for socio-political commentary.
on Feb 03, 2018
Rock band From Ashes To New have released a lyric video for "Crazy," the first single off of their new album The Future.
on Feb 02, 2018
Necrophobic are teasing their upcoming studio offering Mark Of The Necrogram with a lyric video for the single “Tsar Bomba.”
on Feb 02, 2018


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