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Prog metallers Letters From The Colony have released another taste of their debut album Vignette with lyric video for "Terminus."
on Jan 22, 2018
Spokane, Washington four-piece Light Up the Sky have released a new standalone track titled "Hard to Love."
on Jan 22, 2018
Myles Kennedy has released a lyric video for another song from the upcoming debut solo album. "Haunted By Design" is the second track released from Year Of The Tiger...
on Jan 22, 2018
Once again, Canada’s molten cauldron of metal, Vantablack Warship has released a lyric video for "Another Dead Rockstar."
on Jan 20, 2018
Pop punkers Bowling For Soup are raising the excitement level to 11 with the release of their latest single "Catalyst."
on Jan 19, 2018
Kill Ritual have released a lyric video for "Megalomania", the first single from their highly anticipated new album All Men Shall Fail...
on Jan 19, 2018
Finnish rockers Von Hertzen Brothers has released a lyric video for "Long Lost Sailor" from their latest record War Is Over.
on Jan 18, 2018
New Jersey-based, bluesy rock band Colossal Street Jam have released their new single "Just Take Hold."
on Jan 16, 2018
Phoenix's Murkocet have released a lyric video for their latest single "Hustlin' Hate," one of two new singles, with "Spiders," that were released at the end of 2017.
on Jan 11, 2018
Pyramid Park has released a lyric video for "Born To Be Brave," from their debut album Vulnerability, which was released this past September.
on Jan 05, 2018
Therion's Christofer Johnsson has finally realized his dream for the past fifteen year to release a rock opera with the release of Beloved Antichrist and the lyric video for "Temple of Jerusalem."
on Dec 22, 2017
Florida-based metal group Ornimental have released the lyric video for "Love Thy Enemy." The track, like the band's music, harkens back to the days of legends such as Megadeth, Metallica and Arch Enemy.
on Dec 20, 2017
Croatian metal band Cold Snap are sending you "Straight To Hell" with their awesome new single from the new full-length World War 3.
on Dec 16, 2017
Alternative rock band Vicious. have released a slew of singles over the last few months, with the latest being the power anthem "No Forgiveness."
on Dec 15, 2017
Symphonic power metal band Tragul have got a new 360 degree lyric video for you for the song "The Tree of Life."
on Dec 14, 2017
East Coast hard rockers Revolve have released the lyric video for their latest single, "Days of Grey."
on Dec 14, 2017
Finland's Tarja has gotten into the festive mood, once again, with the release of a lyric video for "Feliz Navidad."
on Dec 13, 2017
Nashville alt-rock-five-piece band Moon Taxi have released their new song "Good As Gold" off their highly fifth studio album, Let The Record Play.
on Dec 11, 2017
Stone Broken have released a lyric video for their current single, "Worth Fighting For"; the track features on forthcoming album, Ain’t Always Easy, set for release on March 2nd 2018.
on Dec 11, 2017
Tax The Heat are unveiling more from their new record Change Your Position, with the lyric video for "All That Medicine."
on Dec 09, 2017


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