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I'm sure most people won't find this as hilarious as I do, at least not for the same reasons I do. This video showcases 10 genres of metal and manages to demonstrate how generic each genre can be. Whether or not that is what the dude in the video was going for is beyond me; however, to be defined and categorized by a riff or two is ridiculous.
on Apr 07, 2011
So, we're pretty sure the music wasn't included in the original version of this shampoo commerical, but that doesn't mean it doesn't fit. Overall the video might not be anything special, but toss in Cannibal Corpse's "I Cum Blood" and these hot women appear even crazier. Unless you're an experienced hair whipper, don''t try this at home!
on Apr 04, 2011
How do you write a hit song? Use the same structure as a song that's already a hit! Whether or not this was the case when Nirvana wrote the Grunge Rock classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is debatable; however, whether or not you're a fan of Rick Astley and/or Nirvana… this video is hilarious!
on Mar 28, 2011
When i was nine I could barely play the piano, let alone rock out this well to Metallica's "One." Heck, I'm in my 30s and can't do this. There will be haters, there always are, but any way you cut this one, it's pretty awesome. Good job kid... good job!
on Mar 28, 2011
Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's not Black Metal... we know! Take away all the errors and you still have a funny video. I think the main thing to derive from the clip though, is that the stereotype is true. Bands often try SO hard to be "metal" or "evil" or "whatever" and at the end of the day are in and of themselves posers and hypocrites. Dude, just be real... if you like Bieber and fluffy pink boas, and aren't scared to flaunt it... that is Metal!
on Mar 26, 2011
I'm dedicating this post to my wife because she does this same, exact thing to our cat. I don't think we can get through the intro to any CSI episode without Kitty drumming out to one of The Who's three songs. While some might argue our cat is cooler, this one's clearly a better skinsman! This one also gets bonus points for playing to Lamb of God's song "Black Label."
on Mar 23, 2011
By the looks of this fuzzy, little doggy you wouldn't expect this degree of madness. I'm sure he's a sweet pup and all, but man he looks mean. Pair this up with some molten metal taken from Vital Remains' song "Deschristianize" and you've got yourself the makings of one funny-ass video. Sure the dog doesn't do much on his own, but pairing him with the tune is priceless.
on Mar 23, 2011
So this YouTube dude posted this blooper reel from the filming of his spoof black metal music video (yes, there's also a full video online, but the outtakes are WAY better). While the video calls out black metal in general, it specifically targets Immortal's godawful vid for the song "Call Of The Wintermoon." Band slandering aside, this blooper flick is freaking jokes and demands to be seen.
on Mar 22, 2011
This kid is absolutely amazing! Not only does he know the words to Metallica's "Sabbra Caddabra" (a Black Sabbath cover song), but he also rocks out; his car seat concert includes both air drums and guitar solos. It's kids like this that make rock and roll's future bright and actually make me want metal offspring of my own.
on Mar 22, 2011
Okay, so I used to be a proverbial gym rat. Not one of those wannabes who claims to be, but an actual gym rat. No Joke, at one point I trained with an ex-Navy Seal 7 times a week. I'm not saying I'm special or anything, but I knew what the fuck I was doing. That said, in my expert opinion, this is easily one of the best instructional biceps workout videos ever created! Not only is the jerky form top notch, but the face paint and screeches are freakin' perfect!
on Mar 21, 2011
Okay so this Rebecca Black dudette is freaking terrible. Her music is awful and the video is equally unbearable. So instead of complain about this atrocity, what's the best thing to do? Make fun of it! From what YouTube tells me, Jarett Norton and Danny Dodge are responsible for this hilarious cover song. Crank it up and see Rebecca as metal as she'll ever be... that is until home made videos of her stoned off her ass (a la Miley) are leaked.
on Mar 21, 2011
It's nice to see a corporate fast food chain like KFC step outside of its marketing comfort zone. I recall seeing this commercial on TV and instantly commending them for their efforts. Now what would have been even more impressive, would have been KFC actually naming the sandwich Hellvetica (like the band in the video) instead of the Wicked Crunch! Side note, does this sandwich even exist anymore?
on Mar 21, 2011
Everybody loves Sesame Street! And most everyone loves the Cookie Monster! We've also to come to know this lovable character is somewhat of a psycho. I mean the guy frequently freaks out and frankly terrifies the bejesus out of people with his random fits. I'm pretty sure I've even see a clip with him in a straight jacket. Now factor in some heavy metal and this fuzzy, blue dude, all hyped up on sugar, is bound to rock out!
on Mar 19, 2011
This is one crazy cock! I know… cheesy. Well deal with it. This rad rooster can scream better than anyone I've ever heard. Take the top 10 rock screams of all time, mash them up and this guy still owns! I wonder what the hell he's freaking out about in the first place? While I have no idea, I do know this has to somehow affect the local hen's eggs. Pre-scrambled maybe?
on Mar 19, 2011
Like this guy or not, you've got to admit he's got freakin' stamina. I can't actually remember the last time I rocked out that hard&helip; let alone at home and by myself. He's either showing off for some hot young birds or he just loves his music, plain and simple. I challenge you to put on a song of your own and do the exact same thing. Double dare you!
on Mar 19, 2011
We've all been there at some point in time. You get to the show and the band's raging, but no one's really doing anything. The idiot crowd is lifeless and standing around like a bunch of dumb cattle. At least until that one dude, totally amped up on life starts throwing down like he's in a Chuck Norris fight sequence.
on Mar 18, 2011
Irish trio Kopek's debut album, White Collar Lies, was released March 1st on Religion Music via Sony Independent Network.
on Mar 10, 2011
Juke Kartel – already a success in their native Australia – released their US debut album Levolution last Fall.
on Jan 12, 2011
An epic performance of Shinobi Ninja playing their co-headlining slot at this year's Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. Be sure to check out and download the original version of "Blaow!" on their most recent release The Baby G EP.
on Oct 28, 2010
Those of you who know the band Five Finger Death Punch know they have their own “mascot” of sorts: Knucklehead.
on Sep 30, 2010


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