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Like this guy or not, you've got to admit he's got freakin' stamina. I can't actually remember the last time I rocked out that hard&helip; let alone at home and by myself. He's either showing off for some hot young birds or he just loves his music, plain and simple. I challenge you to put on a song of your own and do the exact same thing. Double dare you!
on Mar 19, 2011
We've all been there at some point in time. You get to the show and the band's raging, but no one's really doing anything. The idiot crowd is lifeless and standing around like a bunch of dumb cattle. At least until that one dude, totally amped up on life starts throwing down like he's in a Chuck Norris fight sequence.
on Mar 18, 2011
Irish trio Kopek's debut album, White Collar Lies, was released March 1st on Religion Music via Sony Independent Network.
on Mar 10, 2011
Juke Kartel – already a success in their native Australia – released their US debut album Levolution last Fall.
on Jan 12, 2011
An epic performance of Shinobi Ninja playing their co-headlining slot at this year's Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. Be sure to check out and download the original version of "Blaow!" on their most recent release The Baby G EP.
on Oct 28, 2010
Those of you who know the band Five Finger Death Punch know they have their own “mascot” of sorts: Knucklehead.
on Sep 30, 2010
The man some people call Maurice will release his new album, Bingo!, in June on his own Space Cowboy Records.
on Jun 10, 2010
Virgin Records will release Saving Abel’s 'Miss America' on June 8, 2010, and they are thanking you! The follow-up to the band’s breakthrough debut has reached critical mass via strong support at radio, adds at key video channels, and a world tour that has been underway for three months. The lead single “Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)” is flying up the rock charts, currently bulleted at 19, while the accompanying video is in rotation on MTV2.
on May 20, 2010
Sébastien Lefebvre (28) is a Québécois musician best known as the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for rock band Simple Plan. Sébastien has released his debut solo album You Are Here. Sébastien was inspired to make You Are Here purely by his love of writing and recording music. The EP could not sound more different from Sébastien’s previous work with Simple Plan.
on Nov 16, 2009
In this 69 Eyes web exclusive, you get to go into the studio and see the band's massive guitar set-up. You also get to hear what Matt Hyde (producer of Back In Blood) thinks of the band, and how he tries to make this the band's most guitar driven album to date.
on Jul 10, 2009
Buckcherry is a Grammy-nominated hard rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1995. The band released two albums, Buckcherry (1999) and Time Bomb (2001), before dissolving in the summer of 2002. In 2005, lead vocalist Josh Todd and lead guitarist Keith Nelson formed a new band using the Buckcherry moniker and released a new album on April 16, 2006.
on Jan 27, 2009
In front of a capacity crowd, Guitar Center and Mötley Crüe tapped The Last Vegas from Chicago, IL, as the winner of Guitar Center On-Stage at the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go last night. Over the past eight weeks, bands across the United States submitted their music at From close to 8000 submissions, 30 semi-finalists were selected, which were then narrowed down to the six top undiscovered bands in the country, with The Last Vegas prevailing as the one band chosen for the ultimate, career altering opportunity.
on Nov 12, 2008
Movie TrailerThe music industry is changing rapidly. Record sales are down, artists are making less money and mediocrity holds sway. Yet there are more bands than ever before, more competition for success. More people seem to want to make music as a living. Most work years for little or no money, just to receive even the tiniest drop of success. Why is this?…
on Jul 30, 2008


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