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Pittsburgh tech death metal machine Kamikabe have released a playthrough video for the song "Nefarious," which comes from their debut full-length Aberration Of Man, released in August 2012. The band offered this brief update to go along with the playthrough clip, "Something to gnaw on while you wait for new material. Jake Smatana left us in 2013. We have since recruited Dave Kirsch on bass, and have begun writing for our next album." Immediately following the Bloodletting tour North American tour which featured Gorod, Inanimate Existence and Vale of Pnath, Kamikabe had to deal with some shifts in their line up which sidelined the band for the remainder of 2013. Now in Spring 2014, that downtime will be coming to a close.
on May 04, 2014
Reviews are more fun when you have something cute to look at, so Henry Maneuver took it upon himself to provide a little eye candy with a side of brutal. This is a new video segment we're trying out, and as long as more people love it than hate, there will be more soon. Check out his first review which covers Austrian Death Machine's new album Triple Brutal.
on Apr 18, 2014
Death Toll Rising has posted a new guitar playthrough video for their track "Crack Open A Cold One" off their latest album Infection Legacy. "We are pleased to be releasing our first of two guitar videos today, something we have never done before. So crank it, then sit back and Crack Open a Cold One!" comments guitarist Drew Copland. In additional news, Death Toll Rising will be supporting the following Western Canadian tour dates with Katakylsm and Aborted during the "Kill The Elite Tour," which includes a hometown show in Edmonton, Alberta.
on Apr 03, 2014
Formed in 2008, Kyng broke out of the City of Angels in 2011 with the group's independent debut Trampled Sun.
on Mar 27, 2014
Rising from the depths of the frozen wastelands of Northern Canada, Fort McMurray, Alberta melodic metal band Until Dawn present their guitar playthrough video for "This Fallen Fortress." "This is our first video for a play through and we hope everyone enjoys it. In the future, we plan to do more videos like this so check it out and keep on rock'n!!” comments guitarist Deke Worrell. The band released their sophomore album Horizon in August 2013, building on their previous success with their self-titled debut released in early 2011. Mixing the sound of modern metal and classic rock, brothers Luke and Deke Worrell, with Adam MacLeod and Steve White have created a sound appealing to both young and old alike.
on Mar 02, 2014
Monumental symphonic extreme metal band Kara Darahu (Finland) have released their first official video trailer featuring the track "The Anguish of the Black". The video was filmed and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is directed by Victoria Pelejero. Camila Rodriguez, the 12 years old actress who is having nightmares in the video, is best known as a Phantom Girl in the awarded short film "La Chica Más Rara Del Mundo - The Weirdest Girl In The World." Director Victoria Pelejero comments on the filming: "It all started as let's make a 1 minute promo video for the upcoming album but then, instead of some motion graphics about the logo, we came up with the idea of filming this little simple story which works more like a trailer, combining some clichès of 80s movies (catholic girl, bloody toys, shadows and nightmares). What we didn't know is that a nightmare it would be." "The Anguish of the Black" will appear on Kara Darahu's debut album From The Depths Of Neverwell which is set to be released in 2014.
on Feb 05, 2014
While some kids are busy taking selfie pix and posting them on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or updating their Tumblrs with pictures of their favorite puppet from One Direction, others have taken time to study musical instruments and perform them better than many "professional" musicians twice their age, and to these few, bright blossoming performers, I say: Rock on!
on Jan 25, 2014
Fusing classic hardcore with infectious melodies, Edmonton's own Lucid Skies bring aggression and stage banter that invites the crowd to become a part of the performance. Lucid Skies toured Western Canada in support of their 2013 EP Hounds. This is a video diary with audio entries from their merchandise guy, Dylan Larkin, and images that chronicle the tour itself in a comprehensive 5 minute video. Check it out!
on Jan 11, 2014
Some people play guitar for fun, while others like to sing songs along with their favorite bands. A very small portion of the population; however, has a metaphorical battle raging with Nazi zombies, and this... is their story.
on Jan 04, 2014
Well the lads in Partycat are back home, in warm beds, with the heat on, getting ready for their local December shows! After an extensive Canadian tour, a 3 day drive home and their van getting broken into, we have the last video tour diary entry up and ready for you to view JUST ABOVE!
on Dec 05, 2013
From the looks of Partycat's video tour diary, they sure are in the thick of it! The band comments on this 5th video series saying: "25 hours in a van to make it to Winnipeg... things were bound to get a little bit weird but unfortunately it took a turn for the worse with our van getting broken into... we still killed it tho ;) Next up Saskatchewan and Alberta!!"
on Nov 29, 2013
Ever been walking through a graveyard during a full moon on Friday the 13th, or perhaps wanted to play notes unreasonably fast on a 6, or 7, stringed instrument connected to a device that makes the vibrations of those strings way too loud to the point where the sound is comparable an exploding Transformer or Power Ranger Megazord? If the answer to these questions is yes, or no, you should watch this video on how to Death Metal. It's something you could probably live without, but that's not what DEATH Metal is all about. Enjoy!
on Nov 27, 2013
We are proud to offer you this exclusive video clip of South Jersey punk band Count to Four doing a track commentary of their latest song "Bottles and Books." Count To Four have released 10 track commentary videos from this year's debut album Between Two Cities having run exclusively on ten different sites over the past fortnight (this is video 10/10). The band will be releasing their new music video for "I Hope Not" in the coming weeks before they head off on tour in January. The band's new album Between Two Cities sees Count To Four perfecting their signature sound with ten aggressive, hook-heavy anthems with Matt Dalton (Craig Owens, For The Fallen Dreams, Chiodos) behind the controls.
on Nov 26, 2013
The 4th installment of Partycat's tour diary is now online dudes - watch above! This time footage includes a packed off the wall Toronto show at the Bovine and of course some practical jokes on one another... how else are you going to kill the 10+ hour drives to get home from the East Coast?
on Nov 26, 2013
The third installment of Partycat's wild and wacky tour diary is now up! Act your age? THAT'S NO FUN! On Partycat's 3rd tour diary video you’ll be able to view the band finishing up the last of their East Coast dates, playing with all things we loved as kids: fireworks, toy guitars and daring each other to do crazy things. The tour, sponsored by Exclaim! Magazine, continues and finds the guys starting their West Coast run next week w/ Dusty Tucker.
on Nov 20, 2013
The second installment of Partycat's tour diary is now up! Pants-less dances, cats who party, and killer shows out East is documented in this second video diary. "This tour has been really amazing thus far. Been great seeing old East Coast fans and making new fans. Can't wait to make it out west and get to play for a group of all new fans." comments Steve Sap. The tour, sponsored by Exclaim! Magazine, continues and finds the guys starting their West Coast run next week w/ Dusty Tucker.
on Nov 15, 2013
Partycat started their East Coast tour last week, sponsored by Exclaim! Magazine, with friends and support act Sleepshaker. We're stoked to have partnered up with the band to post episodes of their video tour diary. The first episode shows the group on the way to their first East Coast show in Fredericton NB, chugging beers, hot sauce, and drinking water for animals?!?! Watch now!
on Nov 12, 2013
Blue Rodeo is on the verge of releasing their new album 'In Our Nature' (October 29th) and we're happy to share this teaser of their new video for the songs "New Morning Sun" and "Mattawa". When award winning director Chris Mills was asked to film a video for the first single from Blue Rodeo's new album he was given the task to come up with something unique that incorporated two of the albums songs, "New Morning Sun" and "Mattawa." Instead, what he delivered was an extraordinary film that incorporated most of the music from 'In Our Nature'. "After spending close time with the band, shooting and rehearsing all these great songs," says Mills, "The idea developed to try to make a video that encapsulated the feel for the ALBUM rather than just the songs. I shared this with the team, and was encouraged to 'run with it.'"
on Oct 26, 2013
Hard rock band Monster Truck recently shot a mini documentary filmed with director Matthew LaFontaine this year while on tour with hard rock legends Alice in Chains. The band's debut full-length Furiosity was released this past Summer to rave reviews and the band took home the "Breakthrough Group of the Year" at the 2013 Juno Awards. Aside from Alice in Chains, the band also played shows this summer with Kid Rock, ZZ Top and Sevendust.
on Oct 10, 2013
There's this Schecter guitar competition that was created to help promote the new A7X album along with Schecter guitars. Henry found it his duty to set the curve. Nailed it!
on Sep 12, 2013


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