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The Walter E. Smithe brothers–known across Chicago for their witty and memorable television commercials and extensive inventory of well-made, stylish and functional furniture and home accents–are at it again... this time inviting Billy Corgan and his Resistance Pro Wrestling company to join in their commercial hijinks. Corgan may be best known as the Smashing Pumpkins’ singer/songwriter, but he’s not okay with smashing just anything. In the commercial, Corgan humorously saves a bar chair by beloved Chicago furniture retailer Walter E. Smithe from a royal crushing.
on Feb 24, 2013
Lion Splicer is two ugly and hairy young brothers from New York. Lion Splicer bust out high-octane jams that seamlessly merge the styles of 70's punk, prog, and speeding heavy metal. Last August, New York rockers Lion Splicer commenced recording Holiday in Dystopia. Filmmaker Matthew Infante hung out and captured some footage of the process behind the making of this completely self-funded and self-produced album. Go behind the scenes with the boys and learn about drum tracking, listening to Juicy J, and a little bit of what it takes to make an album entirely on your own!
on Jan 15, 2013
In this exclusive world premiere, we're pleased to bring you a unique video from Chicago-based Latino hardcore band La Armada. The session was recorded, mixed, and edited by Robert Lowndes and features the band performing live at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, CA on November 20th, 2012. The group run through three songs including: "Ninguna idea (No Idea)", "Obsolence" and "Cuando la Dignidad se Mendiga (When Dignity has to be begged for)" and as you can see, tear it up in just one take! Said the band of the recording: "We wanted to have a way to showcase digitally how we sound live and also wanted to have 2 new songs for people to be able to listen to without going into a studio to record, so this was the best way to kill all those birds with one stone."
on Jan 11, 2013
In this hilarious video clip, Troy Sanders of the explosive metal band Mastodon stars as a cocky rock star whose (non-Orange) amps have all broken just before a show. Orange sends its best "man" to save the day by delivering the Micro Terror to Troy just before he takes the stage. Stay tuned for new Mastodon music later this year.
on Jan 10, 2013
In this exclusive world premiere we bring you not only a song stream, but also a short, cinematic masterpiece. The video is in fact a short film by Emir Togrul (the creative force behind Yayla) and features the track "Integumental Grasp" from the upcoming Yayla album Nihaihayat. The video, which boasts a "short" title, is called "Integumental Grasp Through The Sigil Of Hate; Immortalizing The Nine Disguises Of Evil In Senility," and is all of the album's song titles strung together. The creative genius and emotional power behind Yayla is more than apparent in both this video and song; get ready for the album release!
on Jan 08, 2013
Veteran hard rock acts Smile Empty Soul and Hurt have released their joint cover of the classic Alice in Chains track "No Excuses" with an accompanying video clip.
on Dec 20, 2012
Portugal's We Are Killing Ourselves (or WAKO for short), have decided to premiere their forthcoming music video for the song "Extispicium" (taken from the album The Road Of Awareness) with yours truly. Ahead of the premiere however, we're hosting this sweet teaser trailer featuring live footage provided by Rockline Tribe. Check it out and get excited for the roaring metal madness that is this WAKO song!
on Nov 14, 2012
Currently on the road with Municipal Waste for a lengthy co-headlining North American tour, Napalm Death has now posted a new video for the track "Everyday Pox." Napalm Death is touring in support of their critically acclaimed new album, Utilitarian, which was released this past February. The tour will go non-stop through November and into early December.
on Nov 01, 2012
Back in May, Gojira guitarist and lead singer Joe Duplantier was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to say what's up to PureGrainAudio and his fans with this shoutout video.
on Oct 08, 2012
Norwegian grindcore metallers Beaten To Death, who feature in their ranks members of Insense, She Said Destroy and Tsjuder, have released their new video for "3-2-1, It’s On". The clip comes off the band's upcoming live DVD At Rockefeller scheduled for release on October 26nd via Mas-Kina Recordings.
on Oct 05, 2012
The very popular video game franchise Call of Duty is set to release the latest installment in the series and in anticipation, they've released a brand new trailer that features Avenged Sevenfold's new track, "Carry On." "Carry On" will be released later this year and Call of Duty: Black Ops II is set for release on November 13th.
on Sep 28, 2012
Boy Hits Car was formed in Los Angeles in 1993 with a vision to bring their unique brand of rock known as 'Lovecore' to the world. Since then the band has toured nationally/internationally numerous times, and shared the stage with the heaviest hitters in the rock world. The connection between Boy Hits Car and their fans is one of unique measure, driven by true passion for music... the universal language. The band most recently released its fourth album Stealing Fire last year.
on Sep 26, 2012
On Saturday, May 19, 2012 New Jersey-based prog-rock trio Audio Insight took the Saints and Sinners stage by storm during the 2012 Bamboozle Music Festival in Asbury Park. The band's performance was their second trip to the event in as many years. One of the Summer's biggest music festival, Bamboozle 2012 served as the festival's 10 year anniversary blowout. Playing on the same day as Audio Insight were big-name acts like Foo Fighters, All American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, Less Than Jake and a ton more. Keep your eyes on these guys!
on Sep 18, 2012
For anyone who loves a good acoustic version of their fave songs, this is one to watch. This is a live version of Lostprophets' song "Last Train Home", and it was done in one take for the "John Lennon Educational Tour Bus" during Vans Warped Tour 2012.
on Aug 15, 2012
If you saw the recent film Rock of Ages (which you probably didn't because no one did) you'd know that it was a movie based on a musical of various '80s rock songs. Well unfortunately for the movie studio, they didn't think creatively enough and make a Jewish version of the popular musical like these guys did. In this video you see a bunch of Jews getting down and dirty in their yarmulkes to some awesome tunes. My favorite part comes about a minute and a half in when they bust a move to a parody of the famous Bee Gees tune "Stayin' Alive." This is maybe one of the most hiarious videos you'll ever see so prepare for a few viewings at the least.
on Aug 02, 2012
Even if you love them and they're your favorite band of all time, most people agree that the classic rock band KISS is kind of a goof. I mean really, four guys in stupid makeup with cheesy lyrics and who stick their tongues out really far are never going to be mistaken for serious rock and roll. Well this parody of the famous KISS song "Rock n' Roll All Night" shakes things up even more with lyrics that directly make fun of the aging '70s band. I particularly love the clips of Gene Simmons devouring a burger while sitting on a bed. Whoever got that on tape should be lauded for giving us all something to totally crack up over.
on Aug 01, 2012
Check out this awesome short documentary that New York based alternative/rock band The Young Presidents shot while in the studio. The band, who worked with Rob Fraboni (Rolling Stones, Bob Marley) and Corey Glover of Living Colour, was recording two songs for their upcoming album in the same studio where Beastie Boys recorded Sabotage. The group is led by Mitchell Kaneff, who is also the author of "Taking Over: Insider Tips from a Third Generation CEO." His true passion lies in collecting guitars, of which he has many, and his band The Young Presidents (he plays bass). The guitarist in this band, Jake Hertzog is according to Guitar Player Magazine "one of the finest young guitar players on the scene." His catalog of work includes WakeyWakey!, Nickelodeon’s Naked Brothers Band, a column in Guitar Player Magazine and his own jazz trio.
on Jul 27, 2012
Asking Alexandria's new, shocking short film, Through Sin and Self-Destruction is a controversial, uncensored look into the real lives of a new era of rockstars for today's generation as they take over the Sunset Strip. This is the first, but not last collaboration between writer Ash Avildsen and director Frankie Nasso, who together take you on an ambitious visual endeavor that hasn't been strived for in rock since the legendary Guns N' Roses trilogy. The film is comprised of three music videos for the songs “Reckless & Relentless,” “To The Stage” and “Dear Insanity."
on Jul 05, 2012
Mental Architects is a math-rock/noise/pop trio from Sofia, Bulgaria which tries to break away from the lack of tradition in rock music indigenous to their area with a style of "Joie de Vivre" instrumental rock close to the sound of ASIWYFA and Fang Island.
on Jul 03, 2012
Clearly one of the fundamentals of heavy music in general is being able to scream your balls off! I'm talking just screaming until you can't scream anymore and there's weird shit growing in your throat from straining so much. Well this clip does a good job of summarizing some of the best rock and metal screams that have ever come out of the mouths of your favorite artists. There are some obvious choices such as Chester Bennington of Linkin Park's awesome scream in the song "Given Up" and it's nice to see Slipknot at number three, although Corey Taylor probably could have taken all thirteen spots himself. Definite props though for handing Korn the number one slot as nobody seems to have more angst and anger in them than Jonathan Davis. You may disagree with some of the choices, as I did, but overall a solid list.
on Jun 24, 2012


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