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Check Blue October's new music video for the song "The Feel Again (Stay)" directed by Merritt Fields. The song comes from the forthcoming album, Any Man In America due out August 16th 2011.
on Jul 13, 2011
It's always fun to bust out the acoustic guitar and play some fan-friendly, singalong covers. The only problem though, is that sometimes you don't know what you want to play. Thankfully this dude has remedied that annoying predicament by performing 32 different songs in 8 minutes covering Weird Al "White And Nerdy", AC/DC "Thunderstruck", The Lonely Island "Jizz In My Pants", Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" the Pokemon theme and 27 more hits. Check out all the songs below, it's definitely worth your 8 minutes.
on Jul 13, 2011
S.Y.F.T’s brand of rock music has gone to the next level with their sophomore effort New Beginning, produced by Grammy-winning producer/engineer Justin Armstrong. With the hard-driving single "Ten Ton Brick" at the forefront, the band is working with Static Management and TSM to bring New Beginning to music fans all over the world.
on Jul 12, 2011
The Dear Hunter is a progressive rock band consisting of singer, writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Casey Crescenzo and drummer Nick Crescenzo.
on Jul 12, 2011
Winds Of Plague are one of the hardest working and touring bands around, but even they need to take a break sometime. Johnny Plauge (vocalist) shows us how he spends his off time every October at the famed Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt. Here he skates around as Demented Clown scaring anyone willing to step foot on his turf.
on Jul 12, 2011
Canadian instrumental, progressive metal trio Truck have released two versions of their new album. One is a free digital download that contains the original instrumental album. The other is a CD entitled Passengers that features a host of vocalists from the Alberta metal scene including Sean Jenkins (Divinity), Greg Musgrave (Exit Strategy, Phantom Limb) and Steve Moore (The Unravelling).
on Jul 11, 2011
Cannibal Corpse is the biggest death metal band in history, but for some reason some people cannot get into them. This man thinks it's because the lyrics are hard to understand with all the growling, so he's pieced together a lounge music arrangement of the song "Rancid Amputation". Oh joy! Now everyone can understand Cannibal Corpse and even sing along to their morbidly wonderful lyrics. Maybe one day this will be the new lyrical direction for music in hotels and it…
on Jul 11, 2011
Bill Bailey is getting ready to headline the Saturn Stage at UK's Sonisphere on Sunday. Even though he has such an important set Bill Bailey feels he needs to also get ready for Metallica in case they can't play Friday. Watch as Bill Bailey gives insight on how he prepares for Metallica. "Sleep with one eye open, gripping you pillow tight."
on Jul 09, 2011
Following the fad of hardcore and young pregnancies, a couple has decided to give a dose of A Day To Remember to their offspring. Watch as the kid rocks out to the song "The Downfall of Us All" in his baby seat whilst sucking a skeleton pacifier. Makes me want to have my own young-in so I can push my music on them.
on Jul 08, 2011
Comprised of Alexander (vocals, guitars, keyboard), Joey C (bass, backing vocals) and Prentice (drums, backing vocals), Fight The Machine has a catchy rock/pop sound moulded together with crunching guitars, soaring vocal melodies and relentless percussion. Formed in January of 2009 in Berkeley, California, Fight The Machine (formerly Stretford End) quickly built up a strong local following with their explosively intense live performances and were soon selling out shows in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA.
on Jul 05, 2011
Alligator Skin is the first release from New Zealand alternative rock band, Villainy. Since early 2011, the Auckland-based four-piece have been dividing their time between their home city and Melbourne, laying tracks for their debut album. The band is working under the guidance of producer Tom Larkin (Shihad, Julia Deans, Calling All Cars) and the recording is due for release later in 2011.
on Jul 04, 2011
Lead vocalist and guitarist Taki Sassaris has taken some time out of his day to make this special video for us at PureGrainAudio and for all the ETA fans. Eve To Adam will be hitting the road this summer with Saving Able so make sure you don't miss the boys live.
on Jul 04, 2011
Ice Nine Kills, The band, named after the ultimate weapon of mass destruction from the Vonnegut novel, "Cats Cradle" -will, like its namesake, awe you. On their newly released album, Safe Is Just A Shadow, the group seamlessly weaves soaring melodies with the raw emotion and aggression of post hardcore and metal, creating in the process a refreshing sound that both soothes and knocks-over the listener.
on Jun 24, 2011
Check out this brand new video from Icon In Me, a Russian/Swedish/Danish modern metal band. The video was filmed in Moscow this past February and directed by Yury "Jerzy" Yaryomin. The track "Un-Slaved" is off the band's sophomore album, Head Break Solution, which will be released via Goomba Music on July 12th.
on Jun 14, 2011
The year was 2009 and the place was a Starbucks parking lot in Calgary, Alberta. After having warned their friend of the impending doom of his bicycle, a bunch of buddies from local bands doused three skids in gasoline, leaned their friends bike against them, and set it on fire. If that doesn't make you feel warm inside, enjoy the brief performance by Jenny & The Rolling Jay's before they, along with Inner City Elegance, make their getaway!
on Jun 08, 2011
Sometimes your favourite hard rock artists like to tone it down a bit and play some softer music. This past Easter Brett Carruthers, of A Primitive Evolution, picked up an Autoharp and began jamming. Check out this video and enjoy the dynamics and range this artist has.
on May 27, 2011
Last month The City Calls spent 7 days at the Ranch studios in Southampton (UK) recording their new EP. The album has yet to be named, but will be out on I Am Mighty Records this Summer. Whilst the guys were in the studio they filmed a short movie of them recording to give fans a taster of the new record. Check it out now!
on May 25, 2011
In the end, it’s the yearning that conquers all in Valleyheart; that behind every mournful bass line, another day awaits with one more chance at redemption. Raw and unapologetically emotional, chances are good you’ve been there before; the electric sizzle of a simple kiss; a testimony to the power of right now.
on May 25, 2011
April Wine… awesome! But wait! There are so many questions that arise from this video. Does April Wine support human trafficking? Who is driving the bus when they're all in the back? Could this video be any better? Are there questions I haven't even thought of? Check it out!
on May 18, 2011
The Body Rampant is a five-piece alternative/experimental band from Los Angeles, CA that was created in early 2009 in the wake of the break up of Ohio based hardcore band Every Bridge Burned. Originally two members from Every Bridge Burned quickly had two songs uploaded to MySpace and had their first EP soon to come with a couple other contributing artists.
on May 12, 2011


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