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Trivium have released a video recapping their Fall 2017 'The Sin and The Sentence Tour,' featuring Arch Enemy.
on Feb 24, 2018
Having recently unleashed their debut album Race Against Time, The Dead Centuries have released their first guitar playthrough for the track "Reboot."
on Feb 17, 2018
Written and produced by And Justice For Art mastermind, Ramón Oscuro Martos, and directed/produced by Leo Aragón (Jörmungandr Media), this mini-documentary delves into both the origins and mission of Bloodstock Festival's Rock and Metal Museum.
on Jan 25, 2018
You're going to love this drum playthrough of the single "Deaths Dark Tomb" from Twentynine Palms, CA-based doomsters Atala. New album coming via Salt of the Earth Records!
on Dec 19, 2017
Our friends in the Finnish groove metal act Profane Omen dropped a hilarious shout-out video to PureGrainAudio. Thanks, Guys!
on Nov 09, 2017
Bi-coastal alternative quartet Faulkner just can't help but continue their insane upward trajectory. Check out this teaser for the new single "Hot Streak"!
on Oct 25, 2017
Tearing up dance floors since 1972, music icons Chunk 'O Funk are getting Halloween started early with this new video clip called "Halloween Tale 1."
on Oct 07, 2017
We've debuted the shred-tastic guitar playthrough video for the single "A Name to Deny" from French progressive/technical death metal group Fractal Universe!
on Oct 02, 2017
On this brand new episode of Rocktails, members of the symphonic metal band Seven Spires teach us how to make a French cocktail called The Kir Royal.
on Aug 30, 2017
Henry Maneuver stopped brewing coffee and writing music to try and stabilize his over-caffeinated existence with Wendigo Tea by former Foxy Shazam keyboardist Sky White.
on Jul 24, 2017
The annual Montebello Rockfest (aka Amnesia Rockfest) was a must-cover for us and here's a dope little video recapping the weekend's madness.
on Jul 12, 2017
Just before the release of their new album Unparalleled Universe, death metallers Origin have shared a playthrough video for the track "Accident And Error."
on Jun 30, 2017
Destrage have released a special guitar playthrough clip of "Blah Blah." The band's most recent album was A Means To No End, their fourth album which came out last fall.
on Jun 28, 2017
In this exclusive video clip, Holding Absence talk about their vegan lifestyle. Watch the video clip here...
on Jun 03, 2017
In this exclusive footage Swedish hard rockers The Night Flight Orchestra pull together a list of their favourite AOR bands then put them head to head to determine who is the best band and why.
on May 19, 2017
Guitarist Andy Gillion released a video which sees him recording 4 bars of guitar for 30 straight days resulting in a fantastic shredfest and month-long guitar solo!
on May 17, 2017
In this exclusive premiere, we invite you to watch Unbowed's humorous mock of a guitar rig rundown.
on May 12, 2017
Whilst on the road recently, Swedish metalcore band Imminence filmed a series of short videos under the title of "Questions On The Road". Here's the first in the series...
on May 08, 2017
On this new episode of Rocktails, guitarist Emmett Young of the Australian stoner rock band Desert Kingdom teaches us how to make a very unique drink; the Fuck You!
on May 05, 2017
Austin, Texas-based group The Octopus Project is streaming a new psychedelic video, which acts as a visual tour of their new album Memory Mirror.
on Apr 10, 2017


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