AFI Unleash the "Snow Cats" in New Music Video

- Jan 09, 2017 at 10:47AM
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AFI just released a music video for the track "Snow Cats" which can be found on their new album AFI (The Blood Album). The video was directed by Drew Kirsch and is an engaging, constantly moving piece.

Commenting on the video, AFI lead singer Davey Havok said, "Expanding endlessly from an empty room, the ‘Snow Cats’ video animates a cyclical struggle with the surreal colors of applied persona and identity."

AFI (The Blood Album) is AFI's tenth studio album and the very first to be produced by guitar player Jade Puget. The album is a mix of old and new sounding AFI and was co-produced by Matt Hyde (Deftones).

Commenting on working with Matt Hyde, Puget said: "Matt and I gelled really well and our approaches on recording dovetailed. He's a great producer and was open to doing things differently than he normally would with no ego. For instance, I engineered, tracked, and produced all the vocals with just Davey and I in the room while we were tracking drums, which is an odd but very efficient way to make a record, and he was totally open to that. He was a great co-producer."

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