Alice In Chains - "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" [Music Video]

- Sep 07, 2013 at 04:17PM
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Alice In Chains have just unveiled the brand new video for the title track of their album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. A disturbing, psychedelic vision of a children's TV show that proselytises controversial religious propaganda through the medium of an increasingly demonic presenter, an oversized rabbit, a drunken clown, puppets and terrified children, this is a must-see piece of work – amusing, scary and thought-provoking in equal measure.

The song itself takes aim at fundamental belief systems and the inflexibility of conservative doctrines, challenging creationists and reactionaries straight between the eyes with the chorus intoning, "The devil put dinosaurs here / Jesus don’t like a queer / No problem with faith / Just fear." Featuring one of Alice In Chains' most haunting melodies and eerie, otherworldly soundscapes, this six-minute-plus song is a truly powerful meditation on the nature of unthinking, right-wing intolerance.

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