ART OF ANARCHY Have Got "No Surrender" in Latest Lyric Video

- Feb 28, 2017 at 01:07PM
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The wait is finally over. Art of Anarchy has dropped the new lyric video for "No Surrender," debuting iconic lead vocalist Scott Stapp, famous for his work in Creed. The band's blistering new hard rock offering, The Madness is on its way soon, but for now we have "No Surrender" to give us a taste of what to expect on this highly anticipated new relase.

Stapp recently commented, "In 'No Surrender,' I addressed those moments in life where you've reached a personal crossroads or crisis. That place where your back is against the wall and your left with two choices; cave in and crumble allowing whatever circumstance to break you forever, or to rise up and fight through holding on to that never give up spirit that lies deep within. I detail in the verses personal experiences, as I lived them, that have taken me to that critical place of choice. Am I to give up, stay down and fade away or get up, fight on and never surrender."

The Madness Track Listing:

01. Echo of a Scream
02. 1,000 Degrees
03. No Surrender
04. The Madness
05. Won't Let You Down
06. Changed Man
07. A Light In Me
08. Somber
09. Dancing With The Devil
10. Afterburn

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