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Baby Bee - "High Heel Leather Boots" (Live) [Music Video]

- Jun 19, 2013 at 11:47PM
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The Skinny: Baby Bee has released its four-song debut EP, The Shaker, featuring the first single "High Heel Leather Boots." The two-piece featuring brothers Joe Stark (vocals, guitar) and David Stark (drums) stir up a slippery gumbo of swaggering rock 'n' roll, swamp blues, and Southern soul. It's an enigmatic sound that owes as much to Cleveland Crochet as it does to Queens of the Stone Age. That style comes to life on "High Heel Leather Boots." A hyper kinetic riff rides at full speed forward locked into the propulsive drum stomp. You're going to want to "kick it like heel leather boots" the second you hear it. Produced by the legendary Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Stone Temple Pilots), the collection also features "Jet Black", "Another and Another," two more rousing rockers.

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