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BASEMENT "Promise Everything" Live in Boston in Latest Music Video

- Feb 18, 2017 at 02:29PM
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Fueled By Ramen group Basement have released a live music video for "Promise Everything" that was shot during their recent sold-out show at the Royale in Boston. The band will soon release a deluxe edition of their critically acclaimed album, Promise Everything. It will include remixed/remastered versions of the original ten songs and four bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are, a cover of The Cardigan’s “My Favourite Game," acoustic versions of "Aquasun," "Blinded Bye," and the acoustic track "Cloud."

Andrew Fisher explains, "When we recorded the album Promise Everything we didn't have the luxury of time. The concept of sitting on songs and making sure we were happy with their arrangement was alien to us. With the re-release of the record we felt it was the perfect opportunity to go back to the song we thought was the strongest and make it as good as we could. Here's what we came up with! Thanks for checking it out."

Promise Everything Deluxe Reissue Track Listing:

01. Brother’s Keeper
02. Hanging Around
03. Lose Your Grip
04. Aquasun (Remixed)
05. Submission
06. Oversized
07. Blinded Bye
08. For You The Moon
09. Promise Everything (Re-recorded)
10. Halo
11. My Favourite Game
12. Aquasun (Acoustic)
13. Blinded Bye (Acoustic)
14. Cloud

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