BLACK STONE CHERRY Turn Things Up to 11 with New "Shakin' My Cage" Lyric Video

- Nov 18, 2016 at 04:29PM
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Black Stone Cherry present a new lyric video for "Shakin’ My Cage" from the group's latest record named after their home state, Kentucky. Recording the album outside the confines of record label influence, the boys of Black Stone Cherry were in a position to make the record exactly how they wanted, with no compromise and no exterior pressure to conform to a certain agenda.

Guitarist Ben Wells says, "What's cool about this album is that we got to do some things we haven't done before, but that we've wanted to do before." So the band brought in two backing vocalists, Sandra and Toynnia Dye, and horn players, Jonas Butler and Ryan Stiles to add their unique colour to "Soul Machine."

Black Stone Cherry frontman/guitarist Chris Robertson elaborates: "It was cool to try a couple of new things. They add a real element, they're not really at the forefront, but we were able to do that without being told 'oh, that's not gonna sell' or 'that's not gonna work right.' But since we were doing this on our own and we produced the record ourselves, we kinda got to do it the way we wanted to."

Kentucky Track Listing:

01. The Way of the Future
02. In Our Dreams
03. Shakin' My Cage
04. Soul Machine
05. Long Ride
06. War
07. Hangman
08. Cheaper to Drink Alone
09. Rescue Me
10. Feelin' Fuzzy
11. Darkest Secret
12. "Born to Die
13. The Rambler

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