COPIA Dishes on Our "Disconnected" Society in New Lyric Video

- Dec 14, 2016 at 09:14PM
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Melbourne, Australia's four-piece Copia have released the lyric video for their searing new single "Disconnected." The video is powerful, visceral and scathing in its commentary on the way human beings have come to treat life on earth. The band have been spending their time divided between their homeland of Australia and Europe in a sort of divide and conquer strategy that has rapidly developed their fan base.

Bassist Booby Oblak commented on "Disconnected," saying; "'Disconnected' is a refection of our opinions of the current state of the world. It can be heavy to reflect on what we humans have created and how we are being controlled and manipulated by people in positions of power. The corrupt, creating fake idols, posing as 'gods,' profiting at the expense of those in a weaker position. We all experience indoctrination to some extent, separated by politics and classified by wealth, religion and culture, making the world an unpleasant place to live in at times. It's easy to lose sight of what we need in this fabricated world. The track is intended to be a wake up call. James from Red Boss helped us put our thoughts into images and it includes many issues which need to be addressed."

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