Get Ready to Do "The Sick Nasty" with CHARLATAN's New Music Video

- Feb 16, 2017 at 06:19PM
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Utah's scrap metal band Charlatan has released "The Sick Nasty" music video, a track off of their new record Remarkable. The ten song album was produced and engineered by Dan Whittaker of High Vibe Recordings. The song is about finding one's inner happiness and the way in which people go about finding it. The band commented, "The song can be interpreted in many ways and it is our hope that it will be."

Charlatan is a band defined by their willingness to embrace the odd and taboo by poking fun at reality through sarcasm, irony and humour. Armed with this goofy approach, songs tend to meander playfully through the spectrum of genre which helps the band stand out amongst a sea of cliches.

Frontman Grey commented, "We like to think of each of our songs as the start of a conversation, usually conversations built on navigating very real and sensitive issues. The people we want to reach are those who aren't afraid to express their opinions, whether they love us or hate us, and be part of that conversation."

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