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It's All "Fun and Games" for DAS BLANKOUT in New Live Music Video

- Nov 19, 2016 at 09:34AM
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Montreal's indie rockers Das Blankout have released a series of live videos recorded at Freq Shop Studios including "King of the World," "Get Up", and now their third live video, "Fun and Games." Das Blankout consider themselves to be a mix of new wave/post punk and rock n' roll. When asked who their influences were on CJLO 1690 AM last month, their answers were so broad they even threw black metal in there.

From Montreal and formed in 2012, Das Blankout is raw, inviting and full of surprises. Their 2015 Player 1 has generated a great deal of buzz from diverse media outlets such as Exclaim!, Naked Underground Montreal and Daily Rock – and as Montreal Rampage’s Samantha Scalise pointed out, "each track is insanely catchy and blend together perfectly, matching the band’s glamorous rock signature."

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