KORPIKLAANI Show Their Support for Local Football Team with "FC Lahti" Lyric Video

- Dec 26, 2016 at 04:44PM
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In September, Finnish folk metal superstars, Korpiklaani, released their single "FC Lahti," to show their support for their local football team and they've now released a lyric video for the track.

Jonne Järvelä recently commented, "When I was asked if Korpiklaani would want to support the local football team playing at the top level in Finland, my answer was definitely yes. My first idea on how to take this forward was the thing that is important to us as a band, to write a song, a new official anthem for FC Lahti, and here it is now. Lyrics are not just about football, but also about love for your hometown without forgetting it's history. I wish the fans of FC Lahti and everyone else too will like the song."

"FC Lahti" comes from the latest Korpiklaani album Noita.

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