All-Girl Band THE FRANKLYS Introduce You to Their Garage Rock with "Castaway" Music Video

- Nov 23, 2016 at 03:54PM
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The Franklys play rock 'n' roll the way it’s meant to be, loud, raw, dirty, fast and furious which you'll get a taste of in their latest video for "Castaway."

According to the band, the full-on video supporting the single "was a no-brainer, as ‘Castaway’ is a live song. We have mixed clips from different shows we’ve done over the year, also introducing our newest member Lexi Clark. We have finally managed to transfer how we sound live on to a record. We have worked with plenty of different engineers and producers in the past, but no one has really been able to capture the rawness from our live show."

Recorded and mixed with producer Sean Douglas, the result is thrillingly clear and direct. The Franklys play a mixture of garage, heavy rock and punk and provide their audience with an action packed live show full of energy, frenetic guitar riffs and a swarm of blurred hair. Their debut album will hit stores in spring 2017, and until then they are going out to do what they do best, rock out!
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