Massachusetts' CARICATURE Leave Their "Man of Science" Music Video Open to Interpretation

- Dec 24, 2016 at 09:10AM
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Massachusetts-based progressive metal band Caricature has released the video for "Man of Science" from their critically acclaimed Unborn EP. The track has almost holiday appropriate hooks and it's set to a collage of video images without narrative.

Band lead singer Joseph Spiller commented, "It's up to the viewer to interpret what any of it means. They are just images and as the songs lyrical content suggests, many people have a tendency to view the world based on how things make them feel rather than fact so this video is an invitation to do just that and draw their own conclusions."

Unborn was mastered by the legendary James Murphy of Testament, Death, Obituary, ect fame, mixed by Gerard Vachon, and engineered and produced by Joseph Spiller. The EP also features contributions from Ray Suhy of Six Feet Under/Cannabis Corpse as well as acclaimed producer Peter Rutcho (Revocation, Bury Your Dead, Parkway Drive).

Unborn Track Listing:

01. Unborn
02. Man Of Science
03. 1:03
04. Spark
05. End Of Two Worlds

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