NOMINEE Put Things in "Restrospect" in New Music Video

- Jan 05, 2017 at 08:06PM
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Austin, Texas' Nominee have released a music video for "Restrospect" from their latest EP titled Drag Me Out. The band derives influences from past hardships, personal stories and triumphant battles in writing their music. Their relentless ambition has helped them in creating an alternative sound that is as dynamic as it is infectious. Drag Me Out is the result of years of hard work and is Nominee's most personal record to date.

A personal record, Drag Me Out is a concept album that displays hardship and struggle with mental illness. The EP is a telling of tales by frontman Chris Mclelland of his personal triumph with bipolar disorder. In the music video for "Retrospect" individuals begin throwing away items into a fire pit relieving them of something of their past. "Retrospect" is about revolting in to a new you and rediscovering one's self after overcoming hardship.

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