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PETER SILBERMAN Unveils Performance Film for "Impermanence at the Glass House"

- Mar 17, 2017 at 07:06PM
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With his much-anticipated solo album Impermanence out now, Peter Silberman has unveiled the first in a series of intimate sessions for "Impermanence at the Glass House." These sessions were captured across a single day at architect Philip Johnson’s Glass House museum. "Impermanence at the Glass House" is a performance film in six parts by director Derrick Belcham.

Derrick Belcham commented, "It is rare to find a project in which each element is a person, practice and aesthetic that I love completely. The sound of Peter’s performance reflecting off the surfaces and enclosures, Rebecca and Stephanie’s spatial relationship with the architecture of the Glass House, the visual reflection of the House itself, the exchange of words and chords with the bodies of the dancers augmented by Natasha Takemoto and Joy Wolcott’s perfectly-toned garments created a beautiful world to explore with the camera. These dynamic partnerships allowed for theater-level exploration as the events were captured in a single take and single shot."
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