Singapore's VILLES Have the 'Cure' in New "The Fear Generation" Music Video

- Apr 18, 2017 at 10:18AM
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Singapore post-hardcore band Villes have released the music video for "The Fear Generation," the second single off their debut album The Cure. The song features a collaboration with rapper THELIONCITYBOY.

Commenting on the song, vocalist Dominic Tan said, "We live in a time where people are driven by greed, fame and routine. Forced into a rat race, to fulfil an imaginary obligation set by society. We hear people complain about their current situation saying that they aren’t satisfied with their jobs or where they are in life. ‘Bound by the collar, $lave to the dollar’ was the tag line that we always went back to while creating 'The Fear Generation.' Inspired by the countless stories we hear by our peers. Being forced to live out their life as expected by their parents or blindly following the 'conventional' path which leaves them feeling unfulfilled when they go to bed every night."

"There’s a line in the second verse which goes 'It makes us sick how relentless words meet emptiness.' It’s just tiring how people complain about wanting to change up their current situation and also hold themselves back by their own fear of unfamiliarity. This song is a call to arms, and hopes to inspire the listener to take action about it, take a step towards doing something that’ll make you happy. (Or at least stop complaining about it)."

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