SIXLIGHT Dish on the Struggle of Addiction in "Sick Again" Music Video

- Jan 12, 2017 at 12:08AM
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Rock quintet Sixlight has released their new music video and single "Sick Again" which comes from the band's new album, set to come out in the spring. The band blends catchy radio friendly hooks with standout vocals which has them on the right track to the top of the rock world. Originally formed in 2014, Sixlight are composed of three former Marines. While enlisted, Curtis Martin (guitar), Nick Tekampe (vocals) and Ian Collins (guitar) met and bonded over their mutual musical tastes to the point where a band was formed.

Vocalist, Nick Tekampe commented: "The concept behind 'Sick Again' was to put into words the mental struggle of addiction to an abusive relationship or substance. The lyrics describe the feeling of relapsing into the same destructive habits you know are killing you, but enjoying the high and giving in to temptation just to ease the pain. Everyone struggles with right and wrong when finding themselves and we keep making the same crippling choices over and over. 'Sick Again' is the hard hitting dark anthem for anyone who has ever felt like a slave to addiction."
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