TIME KING Take a Walk Down "Main Street" in New Music Video

- Feb 17, 2017 at 08:33AM
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New York-based party-prog band Time King have released a video to go along with their new song titled "Main Street." The song serves as a preview to the band's forthcoming project The 1955 Collection. Beginning with the upcoming EP Frontierland, the album will be composed of four separate EPs along with interrelated singles that will be released throughout the next year. Time King was formed by Brandon Dove (guitar) and Shayne Plunkett (vocals/guitar) after meeting at a Berklee College of Music summer program.

"The song is about how attractive, even addictive, nostalgia can be," the band told New Noise Magazine, "It’s about the process of coming across something or someone that ‘makes you feel like a kid again.'" The band’s released their first official full-length in 2015 titled Suproe which received praise from Huffington Post, Nerdist, Kill The Music and more.

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