VIELIKAN Release a Mystical Music Video for "Everlasting Smile"

- Jan 09, 2017 at 12:47PM
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Progressive death metal project Vielikan have released a spectacular new music video for the song "Everlasting Smile." The band got its start in 2002 when it was named Death Awakening, before changing its name to Vielikan, which means "giant" in Russian. The band has not been without its hardships as Vielikan was on an extended hiatus in 2014 after the writing and recording of a new album was put on hold due to internal tensions between the band members.

In 2015, the band got back together and started work on a new album. There have been some band member changes in the last year, but band leader Fedor S. Kovalevski has gotten a new lineup together and have continued with the writing process. The new single is very personal to lead singer and guitarist Fedor as it discusses the loss of someone close that the singer experienced during this past summer.

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