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YouTube Rocks: Gangnam Style (the rock version)

- Dec 08, 2015 at 05:49PM
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The Skinny: Here's the deal. At some point we all need to kill time. And if you're on this site, you probably like to rock. So go ahead and waste your precious time with these PureGrain approved rockin' YouTube videos!

Remember the oh so unmemorable song that drove you nuts in 2012? Korean pop star Psy had a worldwide hit with the very irritating "Gangnam Style," a song that could drive anyone over the edge. Well, the Polish rock group known as BlackJack decided to try their hand at a rock version of the song and the results are well.... slightly better I guess. We'll give the guys credit for giving it their best shot since they didn't have a lot to work with anyways, but this is a song best left in 2012 with Linsanity, Mitt Romney and that remake of Total Recall. Check it out if you dare...

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