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YouTube Rocks: Steel Panther - "Fat Girl"

- Dec 03, 2015 at 08:24PM
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The Skinny: Here's the deal. At some point we all need to kill time. And if you're on this site, you probably like to rock. So go ahead and waste your precious time with these PureGrain approved rockin' YouTube videos!

We don't like to hate on anyone, but I think most would agree that Steel Panther aren't considered among the gods of rock n' roll. If you need some proof of this, look no further than to the band's music video for the song "Fat Girl." Believe it or not, this video isn't from 1986; it's actually from 2010! We realize that it's supposed to be a throwback, but come on guys, make it a little modern at least. Anyways, this may be one of the worst rock songs and videos known to man, case in point the fat guy in the leopard, skin-tight dress. If you're looking for a way not to make it as a rock n' roll band, do everything you see in this video!

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