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Music Video Friday: Devin Townsend is a wacky guy who's actually a genious. Anyways back in 2006 he released his seventh solo album Synchestra which has some killer songs. The release's first single was "Vampira" and soon thereafter the band dropped a really cheap and bad-ass music video made. Watch as Devin Townsend rocks out in a graveyard comic dressed in a tight devil costume. This video should make you laugh your ass off!
on Aug 05, 2011
In advance of their sixth studio album, Any Man In America, due out on August 16th on Up/Down Records via MRI, Platinum-selling rock band Blue October has just released the video for the new single, "The Chills."
on Aug 05, 2011
Halifax natives The Stanfields recently premiered the music video for their hit, new single "Ship to Shore" online. The song comes from the band's debut album, Vanguard of the Young and Reckless out via GroundSwell Music.
on Aug 04, 2011
I was in Illinoise this weekend for a killer festival, but I'm not here to present you a video of the show I was at. The reason I brought this up is because I was staying at my buddy Jame's place (guitarist of Shield Of Wings) and because we were a bunch of Canadians staying at his place, and he saw I had a Strapping Young Lad shirt on, he asked me a question "How do you get a bunch of Canadians to get out of the pool?" I replied "Get out of the pool". This was the masterful joke from the one and only Devin Townsend.
on Aug 04, 2011
Not long ago Dr. Acula keyboardist Joey Simpson left the band which you can read about HERE. Anyways I have always wondered where the band got the name Dr. Acula from. As I watched Scrubs a stumbled upon this episode which uses the name. Anyways check it out to see where the band possibly got the name from and then after go read a review I did for the 2011 album 'Slander'.
on Jul 29, 2011
I was chatting with a guy on the bus one day about Mother Mother and their new album Eureka. One aspect of the album I told him to closely listen to was the new backup vocalist/keyboardist Jasmin Parkin.
on Jul 27, 2011
Hey all you metal heads! Tired from all your rocking out this weekend at Heavy MTL/TO? I know I am, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Check out this awesome commercial KISS did on a past episode of Family Guy where they announced some "special" shows. Check it out and ROCK N ROLL!
on Jul 26, 2011
I love everything about Metal and hard rock: the energy, passion, heaviness and the crazy fans. This weekend marks the third edition of Heavy MTL and the very first Heavy TO. Check out this awesome commercial that was shot for the festivals. And if you're there, make sure you check out Opeth, DevilDriver, Megadeth and many more awesome bands!
on Jul 23, 2011
Music Video Friday: This weekend Heavy MTL and Heavy TO are happening in Canada so to celebrate these amazing festivals I want to present a music video every metal head should check out. *Drum roll* I present to you progressive metal band Opeth and their music video for "Porcelain Heart". Opeth will be performing at both festivals kicking ass with their new keyboardist Joakim Svalberg. Make sure you don't miss this festival and if you are not in Canada… BUY A PLANE TICKET!
on Jul 22, 2011
So I'm pretty excited 'casue today I'll be seeing Ligeia live. I haven't seen these guys since '06, so I'm pretty stoked seeing as they're one of my favorite metalcore bands. Anyways, check out this cheap-ass promo video the band took for their last album Bad News. These guys sure are ready to party. You'll know what I mean when you see the "I've Been Drinking'" Music Video HERE.
on Jul 20, 2011
Every year Ottawa has a music festival that brings lures a vast amount of talented musicians to Canada's capital city. This year bands such as Protest The Hero, Tegan And Sara, Rise Against, Soundgarden and many more rocked the stages… a little to hard? Watch below as the stage crumbles during the Cheap Trick set stopping the festival dead in its tracks. After check out some photos HERE of some great performers at 2011's Bluesfest.
on Jul 19, 2011
Alright, so everyone loves the Sexy Man Sax version of "Careless Whisper" as he jazz's this song all over the place getting into trouble just so we can have a laugh. Progressive metal band Between The Buried And Me must also love the song as a video was made of drummer Blake Richardson looking damn sexy to the song. If I was a girl I know who I'd have a thing for....
on Jul 18, 2011
Music Video Friday! Check out progressive metal band Protest The Hero dress up as the flying monkeys in “Heretics And Killers”. See what lives the apes live after The Wicked Witch of the West dies. If you're from Toronto, Canada, see if you can figure out at which locations the video was shot.
on Jul 15, 2011
My Amends is a non-stop, high energy, hard rock band based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL with a signature driving sound. Since their beginning a little more than a year ago, the band has earned an already impressive list of accomplishments including the release of their Debut EP That of A Lion. Now, for the first time ever, in this worldwide exclusive premiere, you the fans get to check out My Amends' amazing new video for their hit single "Slaves." My Amends is currently headlining a few shows in Florida and setting up a Fall tour, before hitting the studio in the winter to work on their second album. Be sure to check them out live, pick up their album and rock the eff out to this hot track!
on Jul 14, 2011
Don't you just love when you watch a great television program and a killer song comes up? Well Scrubs did just that in season 6 having Lloyd Slawski, the delivery man, rocking out to DevilDriver's "Driving Down The Darkness". Watch Lloyd sing along to Dez Fafara's brutal vocals.
on Jul 14, 2011
Check Blue October's new music video for the song "The Feel Again (Stay)" directed by Merritt Fields. The song comes from the forthcoming album, Any Man In America due out August 16th 2011.
on Jul 13, 2011
It's always fun to bust out the acoustic guitar and play some fan-friendly, singalong covers. The only problem though, is that sometimes you don't know what you want to play. Thankfully this dude has remedied that annoying predicament by performing 32 different songs in 8 minutes covering Weird Al "White And Nerdy", AC/DC "Thunderstruck", The Lonely Island "Jizz In My Pants", Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" the Pokemon theme and 27 more hits. Check out all the songs below, it's definitely worth your 8 minutes.
on Jul 13, 2011
S.Y.F.T’s brand of rock music has gone to the next level with their sophomore effort New Beginning, produced by Grammy-winning producer/engineer Justin Armstrong. With the hard-driving single "Ten Ton Brick" at the forefront, the band is working with Static Management and TSM to bring New Beginning to music fans all over the world.
on Jul 12, 2011
The Dear Hunter is a progressive rock band consisting of singer, writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Casey Crescenzo and drummer Nick Crescenzo.
on Jul 12, 2011
Winds Of Plague are one of the hardest working and touring bands around, but even they need to take a break sometime. Johnny Plauge (vocalist) shows us how he spends his off time every October at the famed Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt. Here he skates around as Demented Clown scaring anyone willing to step foot on his turf.
on Jul 12, 2011


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