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On Thursday, February 4th, 2010 Motley Crue came through Toronto, Ontario and played the Air Canada Centre to a sold out crowd. Opening for Motley Crue was none other than Roadrunner Record's Airbourne, hailing from Australia. Our own Spencer Matulaitis sat down with brothers Joel and Ryan O'Keeffe before they hit the stage to discuss their new album, No Guts, No Glory, tours, partying and much more. it seems arena rock will live on thanks to Airbourne.
on Mar 31, 2010
The video for "60 Amp Disconnect" is A Clever Con's first ever music video and it is with great privilege that we can offer to you, the world exclusive premiere. Shot on a budget of literally $0.00 and with a lot of help from friends and family, the music video was filmed in only one day, on location, at Rutgers Gardens' Bamboo Forest and Aarius Studios. The video was Directed and Produced by Jay Krempa of JJK Multimedia, LLC and…
on Mar 25, 2010
This is the new video for "Sending Signals" a track off Evergreen Terrace's fifth and latest studio album Almost Home.
on Mar 24, 2010
The video for "Grave of Opportunity" comes off Unearth's latest album The March out via Metal Blade Records.
on Mar 19, 2010
Check out the video for "Warsaw Rising" from Hail of Bullets' latest album and EP Warsaw Rising.
on Mar 18, 2010
"I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle" was directed by David Brodsky and features the T-1000 trying to ruin a party. Austrian Death Machine is an American Thrash Metal project from San Diego, California, founded by As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis to be a parody and tribute of actor and current California governor…
on Mar 17, 2010
The Ocean song "Calymmian/Lake Disappointment" herein available is from the band's album, Precambrian. The album was released by Metal Blade Records and this awesome live video was shot by live on March 10th, 2009 at the Un­der­ground in Cologne, Ger­many.
on Mar 15, 2010
Montreal based metallers Barn Burner released their new album Bangers worldwide on Tuesday, February 16th. The band recently posted the new music video for the song "Half Past Haggard." The music video was directed by Jenna Harkness and according to a press release "...will give you a good idea [of] the party atmosphere of one of [the band's] shows.
on Mar 15, 2010
“Golgotha” comes from the band's new record Kingdom of Might which was released January, 2010. The music video was directed by Jake Beemer of Siege Media. Says vocalist Chris Catanzaro, “We have worked with Jake and Siege Media twice now, and it’s very exciting for us to see a young company develop between two videos shot in such a close proximity. We feel Jake and the crew captured the mood and…
on Mar 13, 2010
This past winter, Kenosha, Wisconsin-based thrashers Lazarus A.D. yet again partnered with Vision 4 Films to lens their next music video for, "Absolute Power". According to a press release, the clip "is a bit different than their last two in that it has a bit of a storyline. The video features a brutal underground streetfight; if you're a fan of metal and/or the movie 'Kickboxer', you'll dig this video!"
on Mar 12, 2010
Latvian Dark Death Metal band Preternatural recently shot and posted their new video for "Cryophobia." The hot new single led to the idea of making the band's first official video. The video's theme is based on a theory of "a living planet", that considers humanity as the parasite and has no will to sustain the symbiosis, putting an end to all mankind using cold as an extinction. The video was shot in Riga during May-June, with the…
on Mar 10, 2010
As if the sonic barrage from the juggernaut known as Hemoptysis wasn't enough to pound you into submission, enter "Shadow of Death" - the video! This marks the band's debut full production music video, released in time to promote their first ever SXSW Music Festival Showcase (9:30PM March 19, 2010) at Austin's SOHO Lounge. Filmed and produced by the Phoenix-based Big Shot Studios, the shoot took place in an abandoned…
on Mar 09, 2010
Following two years of extensive touring throughout North America, Montreal rockers ONE return with their sophomore album, Dirty Valentine. Evolving while on tour and discovering and exploring new musical avenues, Dirty Valentine is the follow-up to ONE's 2007 debut release Never Say Never. Soliciting the producing talents of Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope, Monarchy); ONE delivers a refreshing album that echoes their travels, determination and challenges over the years. From hard-hitting guitar riffs on the title track through to the closing acoustic ballad, I Know, the album delivers a wide array of styles and offers up something for everyone – even the hardest to please rock fans will be satisfied.
on Mar 08, 2010
Celebrating GWAR's 20th anniversary, Job For A Cowboy's tour stopped in Toronto. They set foot on Canadian soil on November 21st and spoke with Mark Cira at Sound Academy. Drummer Jon Rice and guitarist Bobby Thompson talk about their new album, politics, and touring with GWAR.
on Mar 05, 2010
Boston, Mass grind metalers The Red Chord are set to unleash the video for the track "Demoralizer". "Demoralizer", off the band’s latest release 'Fed Through the Teeth Machine', was shot on vocalist Guy Kozowyk’s property in abandoned ceramics factory on Halloween and showcases some pretty gruesome illustrations by artist Tim Kellen, which were animated and brought to life by director Dave Brodsky of MyGoodEye.
on Feb 26, 2010
Vocalist Trevor Phipps comments: "The new 'Crow Killer' video is a combination of both club and festival show footage as well as behind the scenes clips from tour."
on Feb 16, 2010
25 Years in the making and breaking of our stupid morals, GWAR comes to the stage with their latest offering of molten music, Lust In Space. They celebrated their anniversary show on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Canada, headlining alongside Job For a Cowboy and The Red Chord. It's an honor to share with you lead singer Oderus Urungus (aka Dave Brockie) unmasked as he delves into the new album, the silver jubilee, crack, KISS, and the Washington Redskins?
on Feb 15, 2010
New Jersey’s VTT, formed in 2005 under a similar moniker, is fresh out of the studio with the band’s third full-length, Symptoms of Sin, an eight-track effort of driven alt-metal produced by Biohazard singer/guitarist – and friend – Billy Graziadei (Full Blown Chaos, Suicide City, Agnostic Front). At one time dubbed Voodoo Terror Tribe, but now preferring the acronymic equivalent...
on Jan 29, 2010
Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of Richard Christy’s new project, Charred Walls of the Damned. This newly formed outfit features some of the most talented musicians in metal. Their collective experience is colossal and their musical pedigrees speak louder than any verbal or written praise. In the Spring of 2009, Richard Christy, former drummer for Death and Iced Earth...
on Jan 27, 2010
Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden. Britain is an isle that has long been steeped in heavy metal heritage but when was the last time it produced an act that showed the genuine potential to bother the biggest names in world metal? The answer to this conundrum has arrived in the shape of Malefice. Their monstrous debut album Entities was a punishing, brutal assault to the system.
on Jan 27, 2010


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