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It’s Saturday September 26, 2009 and The Black Dahlia Murder is in town. Spencer Matulaitis headed down to the Sound Academy at the Harbourfront in Toronto, Ontario to chat with BDM's vocalist, Trevor Strnad, and bassist, Ryan Williams about the new album, music videos, touring and their lack of a BDM website.
on Oct 27, 2009
The Greening, an experimental psychedelic power-pop band from Northern California, will release their latest EP, (She's So) Electric, on September 29 (ZaiRecords).
on Oct 09, 2009
“My Funeral” is the first song from the bands upcoming Album Angelus Exuro pro Eternus that is made available for public ear, and eye.
on Oct 09, 2009
On August 14th, 2009, Prog Nation hit up the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario where we had the opportunity to chat with legendary drummer Mike Portnoy about the new album Black Clouds & Silver Linings.
on Oct 02, 2009
Thankfully, on August 14th, 2009, the Thrash & Burn Tour made its Toronto, Ontario stop. PureGrainAudio's very own Spencer Matulaitis had the chance to chat with DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick outside The Opera House.
on Sep 28, 2009
Evangelion ushers modern death metal into the second decade of the new millennium with nine relentlessly blackened tracks of anti-liturgical fury and towering technical precision.
on Sep 28, 2009
Sure to lure further attention from metal fans of all walks with its battering-ram rhythms and apocalyptic charm, this year's Carving out the Eyes of God is Goatwhore's most defining record to date.
on Sep 17, 2009
On August 12th, 2009, Michael Froh, ex-vocalist for The Holly Springs Disaster, hit up the El Mocambo in Toronto, Ontario for a show on his tour with Brighter Brightest and The Mission District. We decided to go for a drink at the Red Room just down the street to talk about his solo project, his record that’s in the works, the industry and we even managed to...
on Sep 16, 2009
JFAC's highly anticipated sophomore album Ruination was recorded in April, 2009 at Audio Hammer Productions in Sanford, FL with Producer Jason Suecof. Ruination marks the JFAC recording debut of drumming prodigy Jon “The Charn” Rice, who has toured with the band since the release of Genesis and features ten tracks of...
on Sep 16, 2009
Having just recently released their latest album, Carving Out The Eyes of God, Goatwhore was touring across Canada and the United States in hopes of unleashing it into the hands of metalheads everywhere.
on Aug 17, 2009
Black Tide are some of the coolest dudes to chill with. Last time PureGrainAudio hung out with the group it was quite the adventure! If you haven't read the story you can check it out by CLICKING HERE. You might want to check it out anyway so that some parts of the interview make sense. In any case, our very own Spencer Matulaitis got the chance to get a lesson on how to sign an autograph properly at the Toronto Van's Warped Tour stop on July 10th, 2009 at Arrow Hall. This was made possible with help from Black Tide fans, Katrina Baldo and Stephanie Kalaitzidis, thanks girls!
on Jul 30, 2009
The Good Times have a steadily growing fanbase and a wicked-catchy sound which singer Matt Almeida has coined "party-punk". We caught-up with Matt Almeida, posing as Picasso, at the 2009 Toronto Warped Tour stop on July 10 to ask him a few questions about playing Warped (we even found his exact double with the same name)! Thanks to Matt Alex from Ajax, ON for his participation and Nicole Rak and Stacy Belooussova from Toronto, ON for their random appearance and inquisition!
on Jul 28, 2009
Panthers are territorial animals, fiercely patrolling their stalking lands. The Sunset Strip, circa 1988, was ruled by one: a legendary band called Steel Panther. The Strip was the plangent heart of the nascent heavy metal scene, one that would soon conquer the music world, and rockers came from as far as New Jersey and the San Fernando Valley to see this band with a killer...
on Jul 23, 2009
If Madina Lake were a tree what kind of a tree would they be? They'd be a lake, not a tree at all. They're amazing to watch, always changing, they're not like any other band and growing steadily... just like a lake.
on Jul 21, 2009
In this 69 Eyes web exclusive, you get to go into the studio and see the band's massive guitar set-up. You also get to hear what Matt Hyde (producer of Back In Blood) thinks of the band, and how he tries to make this the band's most guitar driven album to date.
on Jul 10, 2009
On June 2nd, 2009, perhaps the biggest rock show of the year came through Toronto, Ontario. The NINJA tour as it has become known as, featuring Nine Inch Nails and a reformed Jane’s Addiction made its way to the Molson Amphitheatre to play in front of a sold out audience. If the combination of NIN and Jane’s wasn’t enough, throw in opening band...
on Jun 24, 2009
In an interview with MTV in November 2008, Bennington stated, "It sounds a little daunting to me, so, I think my confidence level will drop, but when it was presented to us by this friend of ours, we liked the idea. It was an inspiring idea, and it was something we could relate a lot of the things we like to write about to".
on Jun 12, 2009
On April 16th, in Toronto, Canada, Metal Monsters Slipknot dug in and played a ridiculously amazing set incorporating a seizure-inducing light show and a crisp sound unlike that heard in larger arenas. Obviously this band needs no introduction and as such we'll simply say this... While Trivium tore up the stage and hyped the crowd for the aforementioned music juggernauts, we managed to grad Slipknot DJ and member #0 (aka Sid Wilson) in a relatively sound-proofed room for a quick interview. In full gear and with his remote controlled mask buzzing and whirring, PureGrainAudio asked questions pertaining to touring, their new wardrobe and more about the force that is the 'Knot.
on Jun 08, 2009


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