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ALLOY Podcast 51: Featuring As I Lay Dying bassist Josh Gilbert

- Feb 08, 2011 at 07:06PM
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Episode Summary: ALLOY Podcast is back from break... finally! We've been working hard on making sure our new chunk of PureGrainAudio is functioning properly, and getting tons of great interviews! Your hosts Matt and Ben have a little bull session in the studio and try to shake the cobwebs while telling you everything they've been doing while on break. They got some dope music and a great interview with Josh Gilbert, bassist of As I Lay Dying.

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01. Most Precious Blood - "Do Not Resuscitate"
02. Letlive. - "Casino Columbus"
03. Submerged in Cocytus - "As They Swarm"
04. No Bragging Rights - "Illuminator"
05. Kelly Clarkson - "I Do Not Hook Up"
06. Kevin Hart - "UFC Fighters"
07. A Faylene Sky - "Break Your Heart" (Taio Cruz cover)
08. Fire in the Skies - "Chicago Typewriter"
09. Oceano - "Weaponized"
10. Interview with As I Lay Dying Bassist, Josh Gilbert
11. As I Lay Dying - "Condemned"
12. Volumes - "Starstruck"

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ALLOY Podcast is what we consider to be a heavy metal variety show. We focus mainly on heavy metal, but interlace some stand-up comedy. Hosts Matt and Ben want to rock your face and make you laugh. This show is dedicated to all things we think are metal. So we might have comic book writer's on the show, we might have authors on the show and we might have movie creators or actors on the show. "We want everyone that listens to our show to get some great metal, and have a good time."

ALLOY makes sure pack plenty of metal into the show with interviews from great bands. You don't think a band is metal? We don't care. We don't put up with metal elitism. Metal is Metal. Don't say it's not metal because you don't like it, just say you don't like it. What are you going to hear on the ALLOY Podcast? Have a look at our segments. Click on the iTunes, Zune or RSS buttons to the right to subscribe to the podcast or stream it on your smartphone with the Stitcher App.


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