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- Nov 18, 2010 at 07:50PM
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Demon Hunter is an American metal institution. The band embraces brazenly transcendent melodies, without apology, while maintaining a defiant heaviness reminiscent of the most timeless of metal music. For over a decade, Demon Hunter has weathered the changing tides of rock subculture, proving ever resistant to trends, and ever resilient, making music as determined and resolute as the men within the band. Source: Band's Biography.

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With their eighth studio recording, Outlive, due on March 31st via Solid State Records, Seattle metallers Demon Hunter has released yet another song, this one titled "Half As Dead."
on Mar 10, 2017
Seattle metallers, Demon Hunter have revealed the music video for the single "Died In My Sleep" off their upcoming eighth studio recording, Outlive, due out via Solid State Records on March 31st.
on Feb 17, 2017
Seattle metallers, Demon Hunter are set to drop their new and eighth studio recording, Outlive, on March 31st via Solid State Records.
on Feb 02, 2017
Demon Hunter have released another new video from their latest album Extremist, this time for the track "Death."
on Jan 31, 2015
Just weeks after seeing their new album, Extremist, debut at a career-high #16 on the Billboard 200, Demon Hunter are treating fans to a new video for the standout ballad "I Will Fail You."
on Apr 11, 2014
Extremist feels very familiar yet really showcases how the band has matured.
on Mar 21, 2014
With the release of their seventh studio album, Extremist, on the horizon, legendary hard rockers Demon Hunter have unveiled a lyric video for new track "The Last One Alive."
on Feb 27, 2014
Hard rock titans Demon Hunter are pleased to announce that a limited edition vinyl release of their lauded sixth album, True Defiance, is set to hit stores July 31st from Solid State Records. Preorders are available now.
on Jul 10, 2012
Recently Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark took a moment out of his busy schedule to speak with me about the band and their newest release, True Defiance. The group has been cranking out metal for more than ten years now and True Defiance might very well be their best disc to date.
on May 24, 2012
Metal juggernauts Demon Hunter are excited to announce their summer tour plans just a few short weeks after the impressive debut of their mammoth new album, True Defiance.
on Apr 26, 2012
If anyone has seen Demon Hunter live, or checked out their promo photos, they will have noticed a bearded bald man covered in tattoos. That inked man is none other than vocalist Ryan Clark and I recently got the chance to ask him some questions about the meaning of his tattoos.
on Apr 07, 2012
Demon Hunter are unveiling a third track today, a little more than two weeks from True Defiance's April 10th release on Solid State Records. "Dead Flowers" puts Demon Hunter's mellower side on full display in the form of a darkly melancholic ballad.
on Mar 26, 2012
Demon Hunter has just unleashed the music video for the buzzed-about song "My Destiny". The video was filmed by director Robby Starbuck whose credits include Otep, August Burns Red, Smashing Pumpkins and Snoop Dog.
on Mar 20, 2012
Demon Hunter are currently gearing up to release their new album, True Defiance, on April 10th, 2012 via Solid State Records. Guitarist Patrick Judge recently gave PureGrainAudio a bit of his time to discuss his Dean ML Guitars.
on Mar 13, 2012
Demon Hunter is unleashing a second taste of what they have in store for new and old fans alike with standout track "My Destiny." Listen HERE.
on Mar 12, 2012
Metal mainstays Demon Hunter are giving fans their first taste of the new set with the debut of standout track "Someone To Hate." Check it out HERE.
on Feb 27, 2012
On the heels of the recent announcement of their sixth full-length album, True Defiance, metal mainstays Demon Hunter are revealing three varieties of cover art beginning today at the band's Facebook page.
on Feb 13, 2012
Solid State Records is pleased to announce the release of metal mainstays Demon Hunter's sixth full-length album, True Defiance, in stores everywhere April 10th.
on Feb 07, 2012
American metal band Demon Hunter have premiered their new music video for the song "Lifewar" online. Check out the video at this location.
on Nov 29, 2011
American metal band Demon Hunter will premiere their new music video for the song "Lifewar" online on Monday November 28th. The day after the band will release the new digital deluxe version of 'The World Is A Thorn' on all digital outlets.
on Nov 25, 2011
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