- Oct 09, 2008 at 01:19PM
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Everclear is an American rock band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1991. The band was formed by Art Alexakis, the band's lead songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist; and for most of the band's height of popularity, consisted of Craig Montoya on bass guitar and Greg Eklund on drums. After the limited release of their independently released debut album, World of Noise, the band found success with their first three albums on Capitol Records: Sparkle and Fade, So Much for the Afterglow, and Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile, which were all certified platinum in sales. However, the following two albums Songs from an American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude and Slow Motion Daydream, were not as well received, and as sales suffered, Montoya and Eklund left the band shortly after in 2003. Source: Wikipedia.

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Everclear swung by the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on June 28th and Erica Vincent was there to capture the fun!
By on Jul 05, 2018
90's Alt-rock heavyweights Everclear are currently in the midst of a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their seminal album So Much For The Aft…
By on Jun 15, 2017
Everclear have announced an extensive spring 2017 North American tour celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their So Much For The Afterglow release.…
By on Feb 21, 2017
Everclear are touring the United States this Fall to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Sparkle & Fade,' the band's platinum commercial breakthrough…
By on Sep 24, 2015

8 / 10

On Black Is The New Black, Alexakis unapologetically reveals that he is twisted, broken, angry, and free. And he proves that his band can still put o…
By on Apr 29, 2015
We recently sat down with Art Alexakis, vocalist/guitarist of the platinum selling, Grammy Nominated rock act Everclear, to get the scoop on the band…
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World-renowned, multi-platinum alternative rockers Everclear have premiered "Sugar Noise" - the third release from their upcoming ninth studio album,…
By on Apr 16, 2015
Alternative rockers Everclear have premiered "American Monster," the second release from their upcoming ninth studio album, Black Is The New Black.
By on Mar 24, 2015
Alternative rockers Everclear will follow the April 28th release of 'Black Is The New Black' with tour dates in Australia from May 7-14.
By on Feb 28, 2015
The multi-platinum rockers Everclear will release their ninth studio album, Black Is The New Black in spring 2015 via The End Records.
By on Feb 03, 2015
The multi-platinum certified rock act Everclear has signed on with Brooklyn-based indie label The End Records/ADA for their ninth studio album, 'Blac…
By on Dec 13, 2014
Had the privilege of attending a great night of 90's rock music lead by Everclear, with Soul Asylum, Spacehog and EVE6 also performing at Irving Plaz…
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One of Rolling Stone's "10 Hottest Summer Package Tours of 2012," the 3rd annual 90’s alternative music tour is proud to announce Everclear, Soul Asy…
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7 / 10

Invisible Stars is Everclear's first release in six years, following 2006's Welcome To The Drama Club. Upon listening I was hit with nostalgia; I forg…
By on Aug 01, 2012
As music fans across the country shake off the last vestiges of winter, what better way to usher in longer and brighter days than the first-ever "Sum…
By on Mar 26, 2012
Rock band Everclear are offering a free download of their song "Jesus Was a Democrat".
By on Oct 10, 2008
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