Footage Of A Yeti

- Jun 11, 2014 at 10:47PM
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The Demons from Queens, New York are ready to invade you. Footage of a Yeti has become a heavy hitting Deathcore act, well-known for their crushing live sound and endless energy, sharing stages with national acts such as: Traitors, Whitechapel, Rings of Saturn, Oceano and many more. With a strong attitude towards doing whatever the fuck they want, the band has embarked towards a new message to prove that no one needs to adhere to trends and their setters; People should do as they please, whether or not being judged for who they are. Source: Band's biography on Facebook.

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8.5 / 10

If you like filthy, dirty, nasty, miserable metal that sounds like The Acacia Strain would if they lived in a fucking cave then Purging The Human Condition comes highly recommended.
on Mar 02, 2017
Queens, New York deathcore act Footage Of a Yeti have put the final touches on their long-awaited full-length album entitled Purging The Human Condition.
on Sep 27, 2016
Well, it doesn't get much more brutal than this! Queens, New York-based death metal/hardcore wrecking crew, Footage Of A Yeti, are back with a brand new song and lyric video called "Hand of God"!
on Jun 16, 2016
New York's Footage Of A Yeti has just released their brand new single, entitled "Animals" coming from the band's 2013 release The Prophecy.
on Jun 12, 2014
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