Kottonmouth Kings

- Apr 10, 2009 at 12:07PM
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Kottonmouth Kings is an American hip hop group from Placentia, Orange County, California. The band officially formed in 1996, describing their eclectic sound as "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock". Kottonmouth Kings are composed of Daddy X (singer of Humble Gods, X Pistols, former singer of Doggy Style), Lou Dog (drummer of Humble Gods and former drummer of Doggy Style), D-Loc, DJ Bobby B, and newest member/ vocalist, The Dirtball. The group first attracted attention with the song "Suburban Life", which appeared on the soundtrack to the film Scream 2 (With former member Saint Dog). Source: Wikipedia.

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Placentia, CA-based psych/hip-hop group Kottonmouth Kings have released a new music video for "Kronitron" from Krown Power.
By on Sep 23, 2015
Kottonmouth Kings who have just released their brand new album Krown Power along with a smokin' hot new video for "Audio War."
By on Sep 01, 2015
The Kottonmouth Kings have announced the date for their annual Jingle Bowls show in Anaheim, CA at The Grove with Deuce on December 22nd.
By on Oct 16, 2012

7.5 / 10

There are no real surprises here, just the trademark mixture of hip-hop, punk and rock that we've come to expect from the band.
By on Jul 18, 2011

4 / 10

If you enjoy listening to fun rap and hip hop this is a good record to purchase, but if you want something with a bit of substance then stay well, we…
By on Jun 23, 2009
It is a well-known fact that The Kottonmouth Kings are not shy about their support for the legalization of marijuana, but many don’t know that they a…
By on Apr 11, 2009
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