- Nov 10, 2009 at 05:42PM
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Rancid is an American punk rock band formed in Berkeley, California in 1991. Founded by 1980s punk veterans Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, who previously played in the highly influential ska punk band Operation Ivy, Rancid is often credited, along with Green Day and The Offspring, for reviving mainstream interest in punk rock in the United States and bringing punk rock into the mainstream during the mid-1990s. Over their 26-year career, Rancid remained signed to an independent record label and retained much of its original fan-base, most of which was connected to its underground roots. Source: Wikipedia.

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Co-headliners Rancid and Dropkick Murphys hit the stage at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY on August 6th, 2017 along with Jake Burns and Bouncing Souls.…
By on Aug 11, 2017
Rancid have posted the latest video from their upcoming new album Trouble Maker online. Check out "Telegraph Avenue" here...
By on May 17, 2017
Rancid have announced a brand new album called Trouble Maker due to be released on June 9th via Hellcat/Epitaph Records.
By on May 02, 2017
Revered punk groups, Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, have partnered up for a summer 2017 North American co-headlining trek dubbed the "From Boston To Be…
By on Mar 07, 2017
In advance of its highly anticipated release on October 27 on Hellcat/Epitaph Records, Rancid's new album ...Honor Is All We Know is streaming in its…
By on Oct 21, 2014
Rancid will release their highly anticipated new album titled '...Honor Is All We Know' on October 27 on Hellcat/Epitaph Records.
By on Sep 30, 2014
So you like web series eh? Well, look what we have here. Tim Armstrong of Rancid has partnered with VEVO to stream the episodes of 'Tim Timebomb's Ro…
By on Oct 10, 2011

9 / 10

Critics may have been waiting like piranhas to sink their teeth into it, but true Rancid fans will attest to the fact that this album is what they wa…
By on Nov 11, 2009
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