Royal Blood

- Jun 10, 2014 at 06:27PM
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Royal Blood are an English rock duo formed in Brighton in 2013. The band's sound is reminiscent of and rooted in modern blues rock, hard rock, garage rock, stoner rock and psychedelic rock. Their first album Royal Blood was released in August 2014. Royal Blood consists of lead vocalist and bass guitarist Mike Kerr, born on 19 June 1990, and drummer Ben Thatcher, born on 12 February 1988. The pair are from West Sussex: Kerr grew up in Worthing, while Thatcher is from Rustington. They first met around 2005 when they were teenagers, and for a brief period they were part of the same four-piece band called Flavour Country in which Kerr played keyboards and the keytar. Source: Wikipedia.

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On the heels of some supporting dates for Queens of the Stone Age, British duo Royal Blood have released a new music video for "How Did We Get So Dark?," the title track to their second studio album.
on Oct 26, 2017

6.5 / 10

Given the strength of every single song on Royal Blood's debut, expectations surrounding their second album were high... and unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet them.
on Jun 17, 2017
Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher of the UK rock act Royal Blood chat about their new album 'How Did We Get So Dark?', the writing process and Metallica's Lars Ulrich.
on Jun 16, 2017
British rock band Royal Blood have released a second track and accompanying music video for "Hook, Line, and Sinker" from their highly anticipated new album How Did We Get So Dark?.
on May 18, 2017
British rock band Royal Blood have announced a summer headlining tour of the United States in support of their recently announced new album How Did We Get So Dark?.
on Apr 20, 2017
British rock heavyweights Royal Blood has announced details of the follow-up to their chart-topping self-titled debut album.
on Apr 13, 2017
Ever wondered how one might lose a testicle? Well, Michael Kerr, bassist and vocalist for the UK-based Warner Music alternative rock duo, Royal Blood​, will help to explain....
on Oct 07, 2015
We scored some time with Royal Blood​ bassist and vocalist Michael Kerr, which resulted in a hilarious video about all things MOST EXTREME (#MoEX).
on Aug 11, 2015
When Royal Blood​ played in Toronto we grabbed time with bassist and vocalist Michael Kerr who gave us a wicked story for Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) called, "Shakes On A Plane."
on Jul 25, 2015
UK duo Royal Blood have expanded their upcoming run of live dates in North American beginning this Spring.
on Feb 05, 2015
Royal Blood are two friends from Brighton, England and they're making a right noise on the rock scene at the moment with their raucous rock n' roll.
on Nov 22, 2014

7.9 / 10

With only two members, it's quite amazing that they can pull off this thick sound, and to their credit, I think they do so in a big way.
on Jul 07, 2014
UK duo Royal Blood will release their highly anticipated self-titled debut album in North America on Monday, August 25th.
on Jul 03, 2014
UK duo Royal Blood (23 year-old vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr and 25 year-old drummer Ben Thatcher) will return to North America next month for an extensive run of live dates.
on Jun 11, 2014
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