The ReAktion

- Mar 05, 2013 at 09:41PM
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The ReAktion are a rock band from Santiago, Chile. The trio make a heavy yet upbeat style of rock. They currently have two full length albums.

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Chilean rock trio The ReAktion put on an entertaining show in their new music video "S.T.A.R.S".
on Feb 04, 2018
The ReAktion have unleashed their new album Similitude in full with a new stream which you can check out here.
on Nov 09, 2017
The ReAktion have returned with yet another music video, this time for their single "Live Free or Die".
on Jun 28, 2017
Hard rock electronic group, The ReAktion, have unleashed a music video for their song "The Network".
on Sep 28, 2016
They're alternative, they're hard rock, they're electronically-charged, but this track just pounds! Grab a free download of the song "I Am Somebody" from The ReAktion!
on Aug 24, 2016
Chilean electro-heavy rock band The ReAktion have unleashed their brand new album Selknam today - listen here!
on Oct 21, 2015
Santiago, Chile based Alternative Rock band The ReAktion have released their "Synchro" music video off of their new album Selknam.
on Oct 17, 2015
South American alternative rock/electronica band The ReaKtion have released their lyric video for "Ten Steps to Success" off of their upcoming album Selknam.
on Apr 09, 2015
"The Network" is the first single of the album Be(lie)ve in R(evol)ution (2011) by The ReAktion. In this track the band talks about the idea of global awareness, collective consciousness, and the awakening of society to the current state of things.
on Mar 11, 2013
"I Am Somebody" is a song inspired in the social movements that have developed around the world on the last years".
on Mar 10, 2013
Currently stationed out of Vancouver, B.C., "The Network" is the latest track from alternative rock band The ReAktion.
on Mar 06, 2013
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