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Post-rock trio Darklands are mapping out the rebuilding phase with their new album stream for "Hate It Here" which you can hear below.
on May 15, 2018
Hip hop star Tee Grizzley has released the full stream of his new album Activated, an album featuring many guest appearances.
on May 12, 2018
San Antonio heavy metal band Within The Giant's Reach have done you the good service of streaming their entire debut EP In The Beginning.
on May 11, 2018
Orlando's Meka Nism are giving you a dose of powerful, metallic metal with a full stream of their new EP The War Inside.
on May 10, 2018
Canadian heavy rock instrumentalists The Death Wheelers have released a full stream of their full-length debut I Tread On Your Grave.
on May 09, 2018
It has finally arrived. Alberta-based punk band Trashed Ambulance have released a stream of their new full-length album Flashes of Competence.
on May 07, 2018
As a thank you to fans for the warm reception they received after their return earlier this year, Manchester’s The Maple State have treated their fans with a new EP The Motorbike and The Closest of Calls.
on May 05, 2018
Ontario band AxMinister are what the metal world needs and is looking for! The band has just released the full stream of their new record The Crucible of Sin.
on May 04, 2018
Tamás Kátai's progressive studio project, Thy Catafalque have a new album called Geometria which you can now hear in full below!
on May 04, 2018
French technical-death metallers The Walking Dead Orchestra won't release their second album Resurrect until June 15th, but the band is already streaming it in full.
on May 03, 2018
Colorado doom/rock outfit Stone Deaf are set to release their new album Royal Burnout and the band has released a full stream of the record.
on May 03, 2018
Rather than spending the rest of your day watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation, why not stream the Manic Kat Records debut from Lyndhurst, New Jersey’s pop-punk/melodic hardcore foursome, When Thieves Are About?
on May 03, 2018
Rising post-punk trio BIG BAND are now streaming their entire debut album Options.
on May 03, 2018
Wolvhammer's fourth album is called The Monuments Of Ash & Bone and you can hear the entire thing below!
on May 01, 2018
Legendary, melodic Greek black metallers Varathron have released a full stream of their new album Patriarchs of Evil.
on Apr 27, 2018
Scottish duo Midas Fall (Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn) are ready to unleash their new album Evaporate and you can hear it in its entirety below!
on Apr 27, 2018
You really, really should check out the stream below for Calgary's Widow's Peak debut EP Graceless, because really, when have we ever mislead you?
on Apr 26, 2018
A glorious twenty-four hours ahead of its April 27th release via Czar of Crickets Productions, we’re here to provide a sneak listen to the new album What The Hell from Swiss rockers, Roamer.
on Apr 26, 2018
Tres Thomas has an excellent instrumental project going called Infinitee, and you can find out for yourself with the stream of his debut album The Possibilities Are Endless.
on Apr 23, 2018
After a deathly 21-year silence, Polish doom/death metal devastators, MORDOR have emerged from the abyss with a six-song comeback album so seedy and suffocating it could simply be called, Darkness....
on Apr 19, 2018


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