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Well known for her voice in Mary and The Black Lamb, Lindz Riot is taking the reins yet again in her first ever solo effort “Schoolcraft”. Native to Canada, the classically trained vocalist and pianist draws new inspiration from nature, fantasy, trip hop beats, and symphonic orchestration. All while keeping the simplicity of piano driven pop ballads.
on Nov 16, 2011
Austin's indie-pop quintet Quiet Company has released their new full length We Are All Where We Belong October 4th. We Are All Where We Belong chronicles the many different emotions that a person goes through in a break up: sadness, resentment, self-doubt, but ultimately hope and the indescribable joy and freedom that comes from the realization of making the right decision.
on Oct 08, 2011
Hailing from Manassas, Virginia's childhood friends, William Clapp, Brad Ryder, Kenny Harrison, Justin Green, and Daniel Tidwell infuse a distinctly American sensibility into their groove heavy brand of metal. Look for the bands Trustkill debut Singularity to hit on November 11, 2008.
on Oct 20, 2008


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