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Bliss is the debut album from Philadelphia-based metallic hardcore quartet Hell To Pay which is now streaming below in its entirety.
on Mar 14, 2018
Treading the Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground in this Kingdom is well worth the journey for the discerning extreme metal fan.
on Mar 09, 2018
Ukrainian black metal band Drudkh have released a stream of their new album 'м часто сниться капіж' which translates to They Often See Dreams About the Spring.
on Mar 08, 2018
Progressive metal outfit Living Machines are proud to present their conceptual debut LP I: After Onyx.
on Mar 08, 2018
Los Angeles, CA-based hard rocking duo, Satellite Citi dropped their brand new six-track EP Negative Space on March 5th and if you've yet to hear it, that's aight, ‘cause we’ve got this debut of the full album stream.
on Mar 07, 2018
Progressive extreme metallers Conjurer are streaming their new record Mire just ahead of its release through Holy Roar Records.
on Mar 07, 2018
Californian producer Amp Live is keeping his career momentum with his newest EP Divine Delay.
on Feb 28, 2018
Livin' Oblivion is the latest full-length from Canadian heavy metal band Black Wizard and you can now stream it in full below.
on Feb 27, 2018
Eyes Of Blue Light, is the brand new studio album from Colorado-based metal band, Necropanther.
on Feb 26, 2018
Tim Lancaster's twleve-song Conspiracy full-length might be due out on February 23rd, but we're streaming the entire thing today!
on Feb 22, 2018
Irritum is the new album by New York-based Gridfailure, and it's now streaming in its entirety.
on Feb 21, 2018
We're teasing the upcoming ten-track North Hammer album Stormcaller (out March 16th) with a stream of the new single "Wanderer."
on Feb 21, 2018
The New Mythology Vol. 1 is the latest EP from Vancouver-based Revenger and it's now streaming in its entirety!
on Feb 20, 2018
Brazilian heavy rockers Sun Diamond have released the full stream of their self-titled debut record which you can hear below.
on Feb 19, 2018
One man studio artist and Nuclear Oath bassist Nate Bohnet has released a stream of his new album Therapeutic Destruction.
on Feb 18, 2018
NY alternative/grunge rock trio, Candy Ambulance, are set to release their new Spray tomorrow, Friday, February 16th, but guess what? We're debuting the whole thing today!
on Feb 15, 2018
Canadian psych rockers The Crowleys have come together to bring you their debut EP Colours Change Their Tone.
on Feb 13, 2018
Lithuanian hardcore quartet Erdve have dropped the entire stream of their new album, Vaitojimas.
on Feb 09, 2018
Noise rock up-and-comers Marriage + Cancer are doing us all a solid by streaming their debut album ahead of the release date.
on Feb 08, 2018
Supergroup Legend of the Seagullmen are streaming their entire self-titled debut record ahead of its release later this week!
on Feb 07, 2018


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