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Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Jon Samuel (yep, the keyboardist in Wintersleep) is a talented and ever-evolving musician who’s not one to remain idle for long. Celebrating his new solo recording Dead Melodies, out via Hidden Pony Records, we’re stoked to offer a free, high quality MP3 download of lead single, “Modern Lovers.”
on Feb 18, 2019
Orlando, Florida’s A Brilliant Lie continue to shine bright and their latest single, “The Tarot,” is a perfect example why. Lifted from the upcoming Threads: Weaver EP, the James Paul Wisner-produced song is now yours for free download!
on Feb 13, 2019
Released only on January 24th, we’re lucky to now be offering a free high quality download of the “Siren” single from Georgia-based hard rockers Days To Come.
on Feb 08, 2019
Taken from the eleven-track album Relive // Regret // Repeat, released on April 6, 2018, we’re stoked to have partnered up with New York’s female-fronted metalcore band, The Fallen Prodigy, to offer a free high quality download of their fiery single “Fractured”.
on Feb 07, 2019
We’re bringing you a massive, bumping “Stone Cold Classic” today, or at least a remixed version of one, with a free download of “Stone Cold Classic 3000” courtesy of pop-rock artist, AKA George.
on Jan 30, 2019
Go on, be a “Daredevil” and try something new! We invite you to check out the music of Edmonton, Alberta-based rock band Alleviate via a free download of their catchy single of the same name!
on Jan 28, 2019
With a free download of their single “Plague”, Toronto metalcore/post-hardcore band Lungless are about to garner many new fans!
on Jan 17, 2019
Let us introduce you to the music of the female-fronted symphonic power metal group Norwald with a free song download of their sweet new single, “Khelmet and Hakko”.
on Jan 16, 2019
It’s “For The Greater Good” that you check out our latest free download from Brooklyn, hard rock band, The Rooftop Rebellion.
on Dec 18, 2018
Toronto, Canada singer-songwriter, David McFarlane, is hot off the December 7th release of his new extreme-folk/alt-rock full-length recording, Fieldwork, and we’re now pleased to offer a free download of the lead off track, “Miss Kubelik”!
on Dec 18, 2018
Toronto’s indie rock quartet, The High Loves are raising “Serotonin” levels with a free download of their pulsing single of the same name.
on Dec 05, 2018
Mattituck, New York rockers The Crushing Violets recently released their sophomore album Ghost Fields and, as a treat, we’re offering a free download of one of their standout tracks, “Bare Trees.”
on Nov 21, 2018
Ready for some psychedelia? Well, we got something killer for you with this free download of “Bugs,” a single by West Philly-based psych rockers, Nematode.
on Nov 01, 2018
Nothing to see here. Move along. No one has a “Concealed Little Weapon” to hide. Now available as a free download, we’re stoked to have teamed up with Ghost X Gardens, real name Adam Rushfield, to give away this song!
on Oct 31, 2018
While most teenagers are full of angst, the four Toronto teens that comprise Fade Awaays are full of motivation and creativity. We’re introducing you to these emerging rockers with a free download of their debut single “Get Along.”
on Oct 25, 2018
Belfast’s MASK, a gritty, blues rock quartet, released its debut first full-length, The Famous, on August 31st, and today we’re featuring a free download of the single “Greatest Lie”. Check it out!
on Oct 12, 2018
Quebec City rockers Jet Black are generously offering their fuzzy, shoegaze song, “All is Wrong“, as a free download, so grab the track and give in to the catchy meditations on the failures of capitalism.
on Oct 05, 2018
Toronto, Canada’s gifted alternative act Eden Warsaw, linked up with us for a free download of their single “Pink California”, taken from the Calm The Coast EP.
on Oct 04, 2018
Calgary, Alberta-based singer-songwriter, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, continues to celebrate his upcoming Dennis Herring-produced album, due September 21st, and is offering a free download of the powerful second single, “Rip My Heart Out”.
on Sep 05, 2018
If you’re looking for a well-rounded, educated, musician’s musician, then look no further than Stefana Fratila, whom you can get a taste of with this free song download of her single “Knowing”.
on Aug 16, 2018


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