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We’re telling the truth! Fun, dark-pop rockers Pravada are offering a free download of their latest single, “Jessica Lies“ - off of 2018’s Still the Sea album.
on Aug 11, 2018
If you’re looking for something fuzzy or warm, then you may want to check out this free download of the song “Wrong Way” from Henry Chadwick!
on Jul 30, 2018
How about skipping The Ridiculous 6 for now, and listening to “Bad Western” instead. We’re offering the plaintive, heartfelt “Sainte Something” as a free download for your sonic pleasure.
on Jul 28, 2018
“Race Car” is a zippy little number lifted from the two-track Eternity EP from Bay Area native, Joseph Tyler. Grab yourself a free download of the single today!
on Jul 25, 2018
Led by Mr. Steve York, a staple in Toronto’s bustling music scene for some 30 or so years, Mercy Flight is a local indie act with a global reach. Download their recent single “Entropy”!
on Jul 11, 2018
Jazzy singer-songwriter, Sarah Sharp released her latest studio recording on June 5th, and it’s a fantastic little listen. Sample the five-song Dream EP via a free download of the single “Right Through Me”.
on Jul 04, 2018
Clocking in at a staggering 11 minutes and 13 seconds, our latest free song download is for the “Battle For Troll Mountain” single courtesy of English metal duo, Troll Mother.
on Jul 02, 2018
Want to wet your toes on over thirty minutes of power-infused progressive death metal? Then sample Valyria’s Into The Dying of Time EP with a free download of the single “Tome of Shattered Vessels”.
on Jun 28, 2018
We’re pleased to now be offering a free high quality MP3 download of the single “All The Things” from Brooklyn, NY-based group The Road To Ruin.
on Jun 26, 2018
If you’re new to Lexington, Kentucky metal project, Sexton, we have the answer! A free download of the shredding single “Pinnacle of Decadence” featuring guest spots from Michael Morton and Eric Maldonado.
on Jun 22, 2018
Sheffield, UK-based independent artist Otis Mensah has an alternative approach to hip-hop/rap that is both poetic and philosophical in nature. Grab a download of his latest single “Sanctified”.
on Jun 22, 2018
Los Angeles, California-based all-female rock/punk trio, No Small Children are now offering a free download of 2017’s Bob Marlette-produced single, “Radio”!
on Jun 21, 2018
Los Angeles alternative rockers, Love Ghost share a free MP3 of their newest single, “Girl Pusher”, which delves lyrically into their own personal tribulations with mental illness, addiction and growing up.
on Jun 11, 2018
Brooklyn, NY-based group, Shaman Elect blends alternative, jazz, electronic, psychedelic and rock into their own unique and funky form of music. Grab a free MP3 download the of “Hugo of Bath” single.
on Jun 09, 2018
Released on June 1st, “One Man Town” is the lead single from Los Angeles-based rockers, VIKINGO! and we’re offering a free high quality MP3 download!
on Jun 07, 2018
Whitehorse’s Declan O’Donovan, a folky singer-songwriter who, through his voice, piano and guitar, majestically translates emotion into whiskey-ready music, is offering a free download of his recent single “Hank”.
on Jun 05, 2018
Chicago’s Killwave is back with a new album titled The Pulse of Life and we’re fortunate to be giving away the pulsing, synthy electronic/post-punk single, “Electronic”.
on Jun 03, 2018
Black Light White Light is a Scandinavian neo-psychedelic trio of rowdy rockers with whom we’ve teamed up to offer a free high-quality MP3 download of their single “King Kong”.
on Jun 03, 2018
Independent Somerville, MA-based musician Dan Curhan has a slick progressive metal project dubbed ISA (pronounced “ee-suh”) of which we’re giving away the single “STAGE VI - LUST”.
on Jun 02, 2018
Weesp is offering a free download of “Who We Are” from their recent album Black Sails. Come give it a listen and get your daily Eastern European, alt-metal fix.
on Jun 01, 2018


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