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Independent Somerville, MA-based musician Dan Curhan has a slick progressive metal project dubbed ISA (pronounced “ee-suh”) of which we’re giving away the single “STAGE VI - LUST”.
on Jun 02, 2018
Weesp is offering a free download of “Who We Are” from their recent album Black Sails. Come give it a listen and get your daily Eastern European, alt-metal fix.
on Jun 01, 2018
Come and grab a free download of the “Lose It” single from Canadian indie rocker Danielle Duvall; a sharp, melodic indie rock burner soaked with warm, electro-synth inflexion.
on May 23, 2018
It’s Friday night and parties are upon us, so let’s get emo! Grab a free download of the “Gestate” single courtesy of Vancouver foursome, Guilt Trap, whose quick, quirky and fun debut four-track Can’t Get Hurt EP dropped on May 11th.
on May 18, 2018
Nate Barnes, whose name might ring a bell if you’re familiar with Rose Hill Drive, recently introduced his solo project Plutinos, and we’ve got a free download of the song “Falling Away”!
on May 17, 2018
Released on March 29th, the “Fed To The Wolves” single from Manchester, UK-based rockers, Queasy, is now up as a free high quality download!
on May 16, 2018
Calligraphist is a dope poetic rapper who followed-up his “Crossroads” single with the track “Dynamo”, our latest free song download entry.
on May 15, 2018
Not even a 20-year hiatus could stop alt-rock four-piece, Big Mother Gig from continuing to release compelling content! And on that note, we’re offering a free download of their single “(Let’s Make) Compelling Content”.
on May 11, 2018
Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Greg Rekus is hyping up the rowdy, beer-swelling masses with his acoustic folk/punk mash-up. Need a taste of this pub-ready audio? Grab a free download of the single “...But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others”!
on May 09, 2018
You can trust us that it’ll be money well spent, but if you’re hesitant to purchase the seven-song Abandon Of The Self album from France’s progressive quintet, Eryn Non Dae., start by downloading their “Eclipse” single.
on May 01, 2018
Lille, France-based punk rock quartet, Fall Flavored are sampling their ten-track, self-produced album, 180, with a free download of the single “Character in a Role Play”.
on May 01, 2018
Whether it's the polar ice caps or your face, this new free song download is all about melting things. Idyllwild, CA-based punky thrash-rock trio, Throw The Goat are offering up their single “Melt Away”!
on Apr 27, 2018
San Antonio's WITHIN THE GIANT’S REACH are set to self-release their debut EP, In The Beginning, on May 11th, and are now offering a free download of lead single “The Summit”!
on Apr 27, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta-based Krista D is both an accomplished musician and visual artist. Get to know her tunes with a free download of “Land Mine”.
on Apr 25, 2018
Toronto-based rock/emo quartet, First Ghost dropped their newest single “Burnt Out” on April 6th, almost exactly two years after releasing their five-track EP Secret Talk, and now you can grab this single for FREE!
on Apr 24, 2018
We’re pleased to be offering a free download of the single “Creature of Your Nights” off the new Awareness EP by French singer, musician and composer, Charly.
on Apr 18, 2018
On April 20th, Alberta-based musician, Tres Thomas will issue his upcoming debut album, The Possibilities Are Endless, under the recording moniker Infinitee. Download the single “Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs, Pt. 2” today!
on Apr 06, 2018
Today, to help further their cause, we’re stoked to add the SPiN’s popular single “Go Get it Good” to our FREE MP3 download section.
on Mar 28, 2018
The quirky and talented group known as The Pink Diamond Revue are offering up their track “Acid Doll,” featuring Legpuppy, as our latest free song download.
on Mar 24, 2018
Nashville indie rock quartet, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes are now offering the powerful new single “Wonder Woman” – off their upcoming EP, Chapter Two – for free download!
on Mar 15, 2018


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