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Sons of the Lawless were formed in the Los Angeles area, where all four members met out of the ashes of previous bands and joined forces to create something unique and special. Compiling an eclectic mix of various genres and influences ranging from The Raconteurs, The Ramones, Black Flag and Nirvana to The Smiths, Tori Amos, Kings Of Leon, and Dwight Yoakum, the songs address real issues and topics people can relate to.
on Jan 23, 2011
If you believe it's becoming ever harder to make music that's individual, fascinating, contemporary, timeless and just tinglingly exctiting, then you've clearly not come across Achilla as yet. So, just who are Achilla, and what makes them one of the best young rock bands around right now?
on Jan 13, 2011
Sheffield, England’s While She Sleeps is pleased to announce their recent signing with Good Fight Music. The band has a new album set for a digital only release on November 22nd, 2010, entitled The North Stands for Nothing. While She Sleeps formed with a blue collar and hard nosed work ethic that resulted in them playing close to 300 shows across the UK and mainland Europe.
on Nov 16, 2010
When vocalist Ethan Isaac (then of the band Wooden) was introduced to guitarist Jonathan Svec (ex-Splender) by one-time partners Arma Andon and Claude Villani (Godsmack, RA, Petshop Boys, Sinead O’Connor), the two musicians became kindred spirits. They were both big fans of classic but divergent American rockers like Bruce Springsteen as well as European superstars like Led Zeppelin and U2.
on Sep 28, 2010
Atom Smash harness just the right sonic chemistry on their full-length Jive Records debut, Love Is In The Missile. Over the course of the record's eleven tracks, the quartet pumps out one anthem after another. First single "Do Her Wrong" is loaded with rumbling riffs, calculated grooves and an unforgettable hook.
on Jul 21, 2010
Haunted Shores is a progressive metal project based out of Washington D.C. and NYC. It currently consists of former Periphery frontman Chris Barretto on vocals, Mark Holcomb guitar/bass, and Misha (Bulb) Mansoor producer/programmer. The group is working on a full length album as well as putting together a full band…
on Apr 14, 2010
Cyclamen is a progressive metal band from the UK. The band consists of Hayato Imanishi, Duncan Lee, Nano Sigo, Olly Steele, and Ed Newman. Cyclamen has also worked with Mikee Goodman (SikTh) and Travis Orbin (Sky Eats Airplane) and are in the process of working on a full length as well. Enjoy this song stream and get…
on Apr 13, 2010
With a blend of old-school punk, world beat and modern pop influences, Chicago-based AM Taxi combines experience with exuberance on their Virgin Records debut, We Don’t Stand A Chance. The band was formed almost two years ago - with the encouragement of Sublime producer Miguel Happoldt - by longtime Windy City bandmates…
on Mar 25, 2010
Featuring members of Season Of Mist recording artist PSYKUP, French innovators MOPA (My Own Private Alaska) might be the band to save rock and roll. Proposing both music and a lifestyle, MOPA brings such an emotional heavy that’s artistic, creative, and the next level of dimension. MOPA consists of classical and catchy piano…
on Mar 03, 2010


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