A Light Within - "Page #18 (Grin)" [Free Song Download]

- Mar 10, 2014 at 09:17PM
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The Kansas City, MO-based quintet A Light Within released it's debut 3-song EP, Preface, on May 10th of 2013. Loaded with skillful musicianship, the band blends post-rock, post-metal and shoegaze into their own sonic web. Featuring borderline ethereal passages intertwined with tormented and heavier parts, A Light Within create music that should appeal to a wide range of rock/metal fans. Take for example the free download of their song "Page #18 (Grin)" which boasts 7 minutes of pure awesome!

Need more insight into the band's sound? Well here's a perfect excerpt from their bio: "A Light Within [is] known for songs that deal with the darker side of the psyche being celebrated in bombastic, beautiful anguish - doing so not only with thunderous power, but with a deft touch as well."

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