Alana Henderson - "Let This Remain" [Free Song Download]

- Nov 27, 2017 at 08:34AM
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"Let This Remain" is a gorgeous new single from Irish cellist and singer-songwriter, Alana Henderson, who also performs cello and vocal duties in Hozier. The folk-friendly track was released on October 27th and can be found at Bandcamp, along with plenty of other tunes. Dark, organic, and moody, this sombre song is perfect for a chilly and grey fall day.

Commenting on the track, Henderson noted: "I wrote 'Let This Remain' in an LA hotel room towards the end of my time touring with Hozier. We’d been on the road non-stop for two years and, whilst it was an incredible experience, the isolation and homesickness of relentless travel was really starting to take a hold. The song is a cathartic meditation on this, a reflection of the transient relationships associated with touring and the longing for a more meaningful connection. It felt like a departure from any previous material I had written, darker and with more of an immediate ‘pop’ aesthetic and I was confident that it needed to be my next single. I hope the listeners at PureGrainAudio enjoy peeking into my gloomy little corner, and I can promise a lot more material heading your way soon!"

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