Alleviate - “Daredevil” [Free Song Download]

- Jan 28, 2019 at 05:00PM
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Go on, be a “Daredevil” and try something new! We invite you to check out the music of Edmonton, Alberta-based rock group Alleviate via a free download of their catchy single “Daredevil”. The single, which is unavoidably fun and laced with a chill, mildly country vibe, is lifted from the band’s new five-song EP, Glass Habits, which dropped on November 16, 2018, and may be heard on Spotify and other similar services.

By blending acoustic and electric guitars, with a driving rhythm section and poignant lyrics are the key to Alleviate’s sound; something members Aaron Passek (drums), Chris Weihmann (bass), Matt Mackenzie (guitar), and Chad Plamondon (vocals) take to heart. Commenting on the single, the band shot over a quick note, saying “‘Daredevil’ evolved a lot both musically and lyrically from its initial conception, a song about a relationship going sour became a tune of understanding and learning to cope with mental illness and the high and the lows of getting there.”

You’ve grabbed and heard the single, now stream the full Glass Habits EP!

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