Atsuko Chiba - "Tidings" [Free Song Download]

- Apr 14, 2016 at 05:33PM
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada is were you're likely to encounter members of the band Atsuko Chiba. Formed in December of 2012 this experimental rock quintet - consist of Karim Lakdhar (guitar, synths, vocals), Kevin McDonald (guitar, synths), David Palumbo (bass, vocals), Anthony Piazza (drums, visuals) and Eric Schafhauser (guitar, synths) - released their latest offering, the 3-song EP Figure and Ground, on March 15, 2016. New to the group? Never fear! We're here to offer up a free download and stream of their song "Tidings" - grab it today!

Fun, quirky and loaded with talent, the group aptly define their sound as having: "heavy effect processing and ambient electronics, within a melodic and rhythmic framework." The bottom line? Sure, we said it was experimental rock but in reality it's tough to properly define or categorise their tunes. What's even wilder? Their live show incorporates various elements of film affording audiences a more fully engaged and "immersive sensorial environment."

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